COVID-19 Plan


Thank you for your continued diligence in keeping our community as safe as possible during the most recent COVID-19 wave that has fortunately declined in our area and on campus. After consultation with medical experts, the campus will be mask optional in all places except for classrooms, labs, and performance spaces. After Spring Break on March 14, all of campus will be mask optional if conditions remain as they are now or further decrease.

As part of FSC’s Cornerstone of respecting all people on the campus, we ask that if someone wishes to continue to mask that you show that person the utmost respect. In addition, if a member of our community asks you to mask for their safety, please comply. For example, a person may be at high risk, or have a family member at high risk, and every person deserves the respect of us masking without further explanation.

  • All testing for COVID-19 non-vaccinated students will conclude on February 25 as communicated earlier.
  • Student-athletes are to comply with NCAA rules and will continue to test as communicated earlier.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, students should go to the Student Health Center to get tested. If positive, Campus Safety staff will initiate their standard positive student procedure with Student Life.
  • Please report any positive test results to Rapid Trace at 813.699.3551 and Campus Safety staff at 863.680.4305.
  • There are no changes to the quarantine space or charges as announced earlier.

COVID-19 has come in waves, and at some point, we may need to reinstitute masking and other measures to protect our community.

We will all be exuberant when we can treat COVID-19 as an endemic virus. Some believe we are at that point, and some do not. We will continue to be vigilant if other waves necessitate a different protocol.

Please be respectful of ANYONE who asks you to wear a mask in their presence. We are Mocs, and we respect one another.

Go Mocs!

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COVID-19 Protocol Spring 2022 Semester
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Florida Southern College is dedicated to the health and wellness of our students, faculty and staff. With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Polk County, our FSCares Protocol for Spring 2022 has been updated and are effective immediately.

The College will continue to monitor patterns, including the Delta and Omicron Variants, and could reconsider our practices to apply different guidelines at any time. Due to the nature of this ongoing pandemic, no refunds will be granted for tuition or for room and board if you leave the campus due to quarantine, or in the event of remote instruction, or any other similar events related to COVID-19.


The College has created a special email address to answer your COVID-19 questions. Please email FSCares@FLSouthern.edu and a staff member will respond.

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Last updated: January 11, 2022