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Web Development

The Office of Marketing and Communications is home to a small group of web developers. The web team is responsible for developing and maintaining the College’s overall web presence and their expertise is a resource for the entire Florida Southern community.

Website Consultation and Development

The web team has expertise on topics including content strategy, design, information architecture, and site usage statistics (analytics). We are happy to talk with you about the Florida Southern content management system (CMS), department and office sites, or other web-related topics.

Our work is focused on:

  • Helping departments and offices make the most out of the college’s current website template.
  • Developing new sites as appropriate.
  • Setting up analytics reports to help site managers understand how visitors use their site.

Website Hosting

The web team maintains the college’s web publishing infrastructure in conjunction with Office of Information Technology Services.

For Campus offices

  • We are available to collaborate on content organization and management strategies.
  • We’ll help you convert a static HTML website into one hosted on the Florida Southern website.
  • We offer training for the people who manage the website.

Image Storage and Management

Our websites can host small photo galleries, but if you have a lot of images and need powerful organizational tools, you will want to use the Florida Southern Digital Asset Management system.

Technical Services Outside the Communications Office

Website development and maintenance is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technological needs of the Florida Southern community. These are some related services that are outside our responsibility:

  • Desktop and laptop computers, e-mail, printers, WiFi, or other technical infrastructure is managed by the Office of Information Technology Services and is supported by the Rinker Technology Center.
  • The Canvas Learning Management System is also managed by the Office of Information Technology Services and is supported by the Rinker Technology Center.

Policies and Terms of Use

The Office of Marketing and Communications, with guidance from the college’s Information Technology Services department, oversees Florida Southern Colleges’ web presence. These policies are intended to clarify how these resources may be used and what options are available to those publishing content on the web.

Website URLs

The majority of sites hosted by the college and managed by the web development team have URLs based on the college’s top-level domain (TLD): These URLs take two different forms depending on their purpose and the server on which they are hosted:

Standard Site URL

The domain,, precedes the website grouping and the name of the site, again with no spaces or special characters.

URLs of this type are available to sites described by one of these criteria:

  • Campus office
  • Academic Center
  • Major college initiative
  • Major perennial college event

Short Marketing Links

Short marketing links are available upon request. The College maintains a master list and allocates high value URLs at its discretion.


The name of the site, without spaces or special characters, precedes the college domain. These are reserved for integrating a third-party service more seamlessly into the Florida Southern website.

The use of subdomains are discouraged and require special permission from Information Technology Services.