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Media Relations

Florida Southern College welcomes media interest in the College, our educational mission, and our people. We’re happy to connect you with numerous faculty experts who can offer comment on a wide range of topics. We also publish a list of fast facts about Florida Southern that you may find helpful. Please use our media request form to begin a conversation with the Office of Marketing and Communications.

We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. The College switchboard (863.680.4111) and Campus Safety and Security (863.680.4214) are available 24 hours a day.

For a complete listing of College departments, offices, and resources, see Florida Sothern's A to Z Campus Directory.

Media guests are asked to please come to the Office of Marketing and Communications (see campus map) to receive credentials before doing any work on campus. We typically provide credentials to working reporters (staff or freelance) with a business card showing media affiliation and position, or who present a current, recognized press card distributed by a media outlet.


We welcome members of the media to campus as long as this can be done without disrupting or hindering learning and campus activities. If you’d like to conduct interviews or do photo or video work on campus, please submit a request to the Office of Marketing and Communications several days in advance, including a brief description of your project, proposed arrival and departure dates and times, and names of all crew members. If the plan is compatible with our rules, we’ll issue you media passes and coordinate with Campus Safety and Security to ensure you have a productive visit. We may also assign a staff member to accompany you at our discretion — this can often be helpful when engaging with the campus community.

Please remember that our campus is private property. As a visitor, you’ll be asked to respect the right of all students, faculty, staff, and campus guests not to be photographed, filmed, or interviewed without their express consent. This includes B-roll and footage of passersby. It’s especially important with regard to students, who may not have experience interacting with the media. If a Florida Southern individual or group has agreed to be interviewed or sought coverage for their event then we’ll typically grant you permission as long as you agree to comply with all relevant policies.

Florida Southern College is first and foremost a place of learning. Media and film crews may not enter classrooms, libraries, residence halls, athletic facilities, performance venues, or other interior campus spaces without advance authorization. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications with requests. Permission will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Parking on campus is carefully managed. Special permits for unloading and loading should be requested from the Office of Marketing and Communications along with credentials, and will be issued if space permits. Vehicles without permits must park in visitor parking or off-campus.

The Office works closely with Campus Safety and Security to enforce these parking policies. Individuals with permission to operate on campus must clearly display valid credentials at all times while here. Anyone without credentials may be asked to stop work and leave campus until credentials are obtained.


Florida Southern College’s Office of Marketing and Communications is located in the "white house" on Johnson Avenue.

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Find your way around campus using the Florida Southern interactive campus map.

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Media Relations Services

Event Access

While many college events are open to the public, they generally aren’t open to the media. Recording devices of any kind are prohibited without advance permission from the Office of Marketing and Communications. Marketing staff aren’t always present at events and are typically unable to grant last-minute or on-site requests.

Media who are authorized to attend our events may conduct interviews before or after the program, in an approved outdoor location that doesn’t obstruct audience egress. Interviews are prohibited inside the venue or during the program.

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Faculty Experts

We can help editors and reporters identify specialists who can comment on, and answer questions about, a broad range of issues. Make a request to interview with a faculty member.
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Florida Southern College does not collect speeches by guest lecturers and artists in a centralized manner. An event’s sponsoring department, office, or group may be able to help you obtain copies of any remarks. The McKay Archives will sometimes also have the text of campus speeches available. We post video of select guest lectures and performances on the Florida Southern YouTube channel, as well.

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Photographs of Florida Southern

Looking for a campus photo? Visit our Flickr collection. If you’d like to use an image you find there, we expect you to respect our copyright and credit the image as indicated in Flickr. If you can’t find the image you’re looking for, we may have what you need in our larger image database.

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For Publicity of Campus News and Events

If you’re a member of the Florida Southern community seeking publicity for your news or an event, please see our publicity information and guidelines. We maintain an archive of news releases and news stories about Florida Southern College. For assistance with any media request or interview, contact the Director of Content

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