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We all experience stress from time to time. If we allow stress to go unchecked, it may lead to feeling distressed. The longer we function in distress the more likely we are to experience burnout. Symptoms of burnout include fatigue, feeling apathetic, physical symptoms such as headaches, and changes to sleep. Burnout can resemble symptoms of other mental health and medical conditions. It is important to follow up with your medical provider if you notice changes to your typical functioning.

Reference: The Cleveland Clinic

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One way to combat burnout is with Self-Care. Self-Care is encouraged for all individuals, not just those experiencing distress. A well-maintained self-care plan may help you build resilience to stress overall. Resiliency, self-care, and holistic wellness go hand in hand.

Reference; “The value of intentional self-care practices: The effects of mindfulness on improving job satisfaction, teamwork, and workplace environments”

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Self-Care Plan

The FSC Counseling Center encourages you to develop a self-care wellness plan to increase the quality of your everyday life. Need help creating your plan? Schedule an initial appointment so we can help you create a wellness plan! A few moc-tastic ideas to get started include:


Give mindfulness a try. Practice activating all five senses to remain connected to the present moment. Moc Tip: Sit outside of the library, watch, and listen to the water splash in the water dome. Check in with your other senses, can you smell food cooking nearby? What’s the temp like outside, hot or cold? Did you just leave Tutu’s? Don’t forget to eat while you sip your coffee or tea!


Did you know Campus Ministries offers free activities at the Fanin Center throughout the semester? They are open to everyone on campus! Spending time in nature can also be a form of spiritual wellness. Why not take a slow walk through the Rose Garden to connect with something outside of yourself.


Any movement can contribute to your physical wellness. Try taking a walk around Lake Hollingsworth or renting a Kayak from the FSC Waterfront can be a fun break from the day. If the weather isn’t cooperating, head to the Wellness Center for individual or group activities. If you’re not feeling like a full workout, take time to gently stretch instead!


Attend to your creative side! Pick an activity that will expand your mind. Try something new and challenge yourself. This might include taking a painting class, attending a book club, or browsing the Polk Museum of Art.


Have you considered attending an event on campus? It can be a great way to unwind, meet new people, or reconnect with those you know. Engage and CORQ are great ways to find out what is happening on campus.

Occupational / Financial

Sometimes self-care is more practical than we expect. If you have been feeling stressed about your future, reach out to Career Services for work focused skills and resources.

Self-Help Resources

If you are looking for self-guided support that is not therapy, consider Self-Help Apps. Please note, these may have additional costs associated with them. Apps can be a great way to engage in self-care during off hours or when you are away from your in-person resources. Apps also allow people to try new skills at their own pace. Please be mindful with your screen time! Although apps can be helpful they can also consume a lot of our time and energy. Balance is key with any wellness plan.