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Tradition Meets Innovation

on the grounds of Frank Lloyd Wright's only college campus.

The study of architecture at Florida Southern isn’t confined to textbooks; it’s about living and breathing the principles of architecture, guided by the legacy of Wright and other architectural pioneers.


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Why Florida Southern?

Florida Southern's School of Architecture will prepare you to become a certified architect by studying the expanded role of architecture in today's culture, economy, and technology.

With FSC's hands-on approach to education, you'll forge your path in the field. And, through the close mentorship of experienced architects, you'll be equipped with a blend of creativity and technical ability that sets you apart.

Here's why you should join us:

Get Hands-On

At FSC, we believe in learning by doing. Dive into hands-on projects guided by practicing architects, where you'll fuse creativity with technical precision using cutting-edge tools and real-world applications.

Connect With Professionals

From day one, you'll be immersed in a community of architects. Gain invaluable experience through internships and year-round opportunities while you are mentored by industry professionals who'll guide you toward success.

Go Abroad

Expand your horizons with two immersive international trips, delving into diverse architectural traditions and broadening your perspective on design.

Graduate Ready to Excel

Graduate not just with a degree but with a comprehensive portfolio ready to impress. FSC's program prepares you for licensure exams and equips you with specialized skills in high demand.

The School of Architecture will begin by offering an undergraduate architecture degree program, and the master's architectural degree program will begin in 2028; thusly, students can progress straight through to earn their graduate degree.

Walk in Wright's Footsteps

Walk in Wright's Footsteps

Florida Southern's campus, located in the heart of Central Florida, boasts the most extensive single-site collection of the master's work, including his famous Water Dome and his only planetarium.

As such, our curriculum pays homage to Frank Lloyd Wright's vision of harmony with nature, blending historic preservation with sustainability. Prepare for the future of architecture while staying rooted in timeless principles.

We'll Support You Every Step of the Way!

We'll Support You Every Step of the Way!

  • Academic advising and tutoring
  • Professional mentoring
  • Architecture-focused support for your library research and writing
  • Scholarship support to help you pursue your dream

A Living and Learning Laboratory of Architecture

This innovative program offers exceptional opportunities to immerse yourself in the field, connect with industry leaders, and gain hands-on experience.