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Financial Aid Review

When Are Bills Due?


July 15


Jan 5


May 11

Understanding Your Award Letter

When comparing different financial aid award offers, it is important to compare out of pocket expenses rather than total financial aid offered. Many schools’ award packages include work study, PLUS loans, and other forms of non-gift aid, which can mistakenly make the total financial award offer appear larger.


Review Your Award Letter

Review your financial aid award letter and complete the estimated expense calculator.


Contact Admissions

Contact the Office of Admissions to schedule a time to review your award letter with your admissions counselor.

Call 863.680.4131


Using Student Loans?

Are you using student loans to help with education expenses? Review the loan processing instructions. Notify the financial aid office if you are declining loans.

Student Loans Site


Terms and Conditions

Review Terms and Conditions that outline the requirements for maintaining your financial aid awards.


Complete Important Forms

Are you a resident of the state of Florida? To confirm any Florida financial aid awarded, please complete the Florida EASE grant application. If you have been selected for verification of your federal financial aid, verification documents must be completed to confirm any federal financial aid.

Student Loans Site



Select and finalize your payment options.