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Undergraduate International Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“International student” can cover students who are coming to Florida Southern from a variety of backgrounds. You will be assigned an admissions counselor who works with international students if you are:

  • A US citizen or permanent resident living or attending school outside the US (US citizens and eligible noncitizens living abroad may still complete the FAFSA and qualify for need-based aid at Florida Southern. See here for reporting information if your parents are not US citizens, but you are.)
  • A student (who is not a US citizen or permanent resident) who would attend FSC on an F-1 visa (typically attending school and living outside the US, or a current F-1 student at another US school)
  • A student (who is not a US citizen or permanent resident) who would attend FSC on another visa (typically attending school and living inside the US)
  • A student living in the US who is undocumented or a DACA recipient
  • A student who identifies as a refugee, asylum seeker, stateless, or displaced who does not have FAFSA Eligible Noncitizen Status in the US

International students are eligible for merit-based scholarships based on their academic performance. Each applicant is reviewed for eligibility. Please note: international students cannot qualify for need-based financial aid.

Qualified international freshman students are eligible to complete the Prestige and Premier Scholarship application, which serves as your application to FSC’s Christoverson (varying amounts), McClurg (full tuition), and Hollingsworth (full cost) scholarships. These scholarships are competitive, but they are an excellent option for eligible students to potentially receive additional aid beyond the merit scholarships offered at time of admission.

No. International students cannot receive need-based aid at Florida Southern College. (US citizens and eligible noncitizens living abroad may still complete the FAFSA and qualify for need-based aid at Florida Southern)

If your most recent school conducts classes entirely in English, or if you have earned college credits in English, you do not need to submit English proficiency exam results.

Students attending bilingual schools must submit proof of English proficiency. If you believe you have incorrectly been identified as needing to submit English proficiency, contact your admissions counselor.

Students holding the following visa types may qualify for the Florida Bright Futures grant and the EASE grant. Be sure that your visa has not expired and consult the Bright Futures website for more information.

  • Category A - government official
  • Category E - treaty trader or investor
  • Category G – representative of an international organization
  • Category H-1 – temporary worker performing professional nursing services or in a specialty occupation
  • Category H-4 – only if spouse or child of an alien classified H-1
  • Category I – foreign information media representative
  • Category K – fiancĂ©e, fiancĂ© or child of a US citizen
  • Category L – intra-company transferee (including spouse or child)
  • Category N – parent or child of alien accorded special immigrant status
  • Category O-1 – workers of “extraordinary” ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics
  • Category O-3 – only if spouse or child of O-1 alien
  • Category R – religious workers
  • Category NATO 1-7 – representatives and employees or NATO and their families.
  • Visa category S – Alien witnesses and informants, including their spouse and children.
  • Visa category T – Victims of trafficking, who cooperate with federal authorities in prosecutions of traffickers, including their spouse and children.
  • Visa category U – Victims of Certain Crimes, including their spouse and children.
  • Visa category V – Spouses and children of lawful permanent residents

Florida Southern does not require A-level results for students who have passed at least five O-level or similar exams. However, if you are taking A-level or equivalent exams, you are encouraged to submit your Advanced Subsidiary results and predicted A-level results along with O-level results.

Yes. Florida Southern offers academic credit depending on exam results for advanced coursework. See specific policies on the Advanced Credit Policy page.

For students with a US mailing address, formal admissions decisions and financial aid notifications will be sent by mail. For students with mailing addresses outside of the US, formal admissions decisions and financial aid notifications will be sent by e-mail.

“National Board Exams” is a general category that may include exams required for a variety of educational systems, such as A- or O-levels, the French Baccalaureate, West African Examinations Council (WAECs), the Caribbean Examination Council (CXCs), International Baccalaureate (for IB diploma-only schools), IGCSEs, and so on.

You may see this requirement in your FSC Applicant Page materials checklist. If you will take one of these types of exams, we need to see either final results or predicted results before we can evaluate your application. If you believe this requirement is showing in your checklist in error, please contact your admissions counselor.

Students who have taken university-level coursework (classes that would be part of a bachelor’s degree) from a college or university considered “regionally accredited” can transfer in credits in which they have received a C grade or better. In order to transfer credits, we need a completed course by course foreign credential evaluation from Academic Evaluation Services, Inc. or a similar approved transcript evaluation agency.

An in-person tour is just one way to get to know Florida Southern! The Experience FSC page and virtual tours are a good start. You can also reach out to current students here!

International Student Counselors

Our knowledgeable international counselors can advise you on next steps to ensure you’re on track to achieve your college and career goals.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions Counselors
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