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Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux & Fall Academic Showcase

A Celebration of Florida Southern College Student Scholarship and Research

April 19, 2024

Florida Southern College fosters an environment where students actively transition from being consumers of knowledge to becoming scholars who create new knowledge, insights, connections, and understanding. For over 20 years, our students have gathered at the end of each semester to present and discuss the scholarly work they have been doing in and beyond their courses.

The goal of Fiat Lux and the Fall Academic Showcase is twofold: to provide students a platform for their ideas, and to provide the wider community a window into the creative and intellectual energy that pervades our campus. This year’s event provides a singular opportunity to publicly share the meaning and joy of scholarly inquiry.


Fiat Lux will take place in Branscomb Auditorium, Honeyman Pavilion, and Christoverson Humanities on April 19, 2024 beginning at 12:00pm. We encourage you to take part in as many sessions as you can. Enjoy the conversation!

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TimeEventSpeaker / Location
Welcome in Branscomb Auditorium
Preliminary Remarks
National Fellowships and Awards
Introduction of Emerge Scholars
Ann and Grant Hansen Award
Dr. Carrie Ann Hall
Provost Tracey Tedder
Dr. Rebecca Saulsbury Bravard
Dr. Kristen Carter
Dr. Carrie Ann Hall
Gender and Research Across Disciplines: A Fiat Lux Keynote Event
Keynote Panel Introduction
Conclusion / Q&A
Summary Remarks

Dr. Melanie R. Fowler, Dr. Leilani Goodmon, and Dr. Krista Lewellyn

Associate Provost Roxanne Back
Poster Presentations
Honeyman Pavilion
Christoverson Humanities