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Early Learning Lab

Sharing Experiences, Encouraging Creativity

For more than a generation, the Early Learning Lab at Florida Southern College has developed and refined a positive learning environment that propels students and teachers alike to a higher standard of achievement.

Learning best through activities that are relevant to their lives, FSC’s youngest learners are engaged each day by lessons that challenge them both physically and developmentally. While lessons are designed to meet Sunshine State Standards, all of our programs reinforce that learning is a lifelong experience that is fun and enjoyable. Low student-to-teacher ratios and limited class sizes ensure a secure, respectful, and nurturing environment for your child to grow.

The Early Learning Lab is a richly diverse program in which the children learn and socialize with others from many backgrounds. This diversity extends to the education majors who are teaching. This integral learning component is coupled with activities that actively involve the children and challenge them at levels appropriate to their age. The program is a positive, research-based learning experience based upon the theories of psychologists Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky.

The Early Learning Lab aims to teach the foundations of reading and arithmetic, as well as basic computer skills.

Positive early experiences with school are of paramount importance to young children — establishing a foundation for the acquisition of knowledge and gaining the skills that they will need later in life.

Sign-up for the Learning Lab

Classes are available each day of the week during the fall and spring semesters.

Who can attend?

The Florida Southern Early Learning Lab is open to any student who is at least three years of age, potty-trained and able to take verbal direction from the teacher.

How do I enroll?

To ensure an appropriate student-teacher ratio, class sizes are limited and early registration is encouraged. Contact us to obtain additional information about enrollment and to schedule a tour of the classroom.

We encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education. Parents are welcome in the Early Learning Lab’s observation room at any time during the school day. Visits need not be scheduled and parents are welcome to stay as long as they wish.

Questions? Contact

Layla Cribb

Director of the Early Learning Lab