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David Valdivia, Jr., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics


I believe that a great teacher is one that makes students realize their potential to learn on their own and take charge of their own learning experience.

-David Valdivia, Jr.

Polk Science - 132




Dr. Valdivia received a B.S. in Mathematics from Salisbury University in Maryland in 2006, started graduate school in the same year at Florida State University, and graduated with a Ph. D. in mathematics in December 2011.


  • Ph.D., M.S., Mathematics, Florida State University
  • B.S., Mathematics, Salisbury University


Preprint of Lipschitz Constants To Curve Complexes For Punctured Surfaces

Asymptotic translation length in the curve complex

Sequences of pseudo-Anosov mapping classes and their asymptotic behavior
Sequences Of Pseudo-Anosov Mapping Classes With Asymptotically Small Dilatation