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Moc in the Making Webinars

Moc in the Making Webinars

Nov 8, 2023

Are you excited about starting college but daunted by the process? It's okay, we get it. That's why we invite you to our Moc in the Making webinars. Not only do these sessions take you through the details of the application and financial aid process, but you'll also have a chance to connect with our most knowledgeable experts – FSC's Admission Team.

Your personal guides on this exciting journey, we can't wait to share insider tips, answer all your burning questions, and give you a sneak peek into life as an FSC student.    Register below and turn that application and financial aid process into a breeze.

Getting to Know the Applicant Status Page
November 8, 6 PM
Are you curious about your admissions status? Want to know what's missing from your application? During this session, the Admissions team will walk you through your personalized applicant status page. It's your all-in-one resource hub before becoming an FSC student. Don't miss this chance to earn that coveted green checkmark! | Sign up

The FSC Experience and Value of an FSC Education
November 15, 6 PM
Discover the incredible value of an FSC education. Learn about how FSC’s signature opportunities, such as guaranteed housing to build community, internships, research, and study abroad experiences, help you build your resume before you graduate. And with our four-year graduation guarantee, accelerated options, and exceptional outcomes, you'll be well on your way to launching the perfect career. |  Sign up

Financial Aid and FAFSA: How Does It All Work?
December 5, 7 PM
Understanding financial aid and the FAFSA process is critical in making your education affordable. Our experts will explain the why behind completing and submitting the FAFSA, as well as answer your questions about scholarship opportunities, need-based grants, and state aid. | Sign up

It Isn't Too Early to Start: Transfer Students Applying to FSC
December 6, 4 PM
Transfer students, it's your time! Don't wait too long to make your move. This webinar will help you navigate the application process and seamlessly transition to FSC. | Sign up

You've Been Selected - Attending and Thriving at Admitted Student Days
December 13, 6 PM
Get ready to embark on your FSC journey! Unlike an open house event, admitted student programs offer a deeper dive into campus life. From informative sessions to connecting with students through social activities, you'll get a taste of what it's like to be a Moc. | Sign up

Remember, your journey to becoming a Moc is not one you have to undertake alone — we're here to guide and support you every step of the way.