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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Council Dives into Work Across FSC

Jul 31, 2020
Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Advisor to the President

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council met July 29, 2020 and discussed its work for the upcoming semester, with special emphasis on the Council’s seven working committees.


The Council previously approved committees to address specific areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the College. Led by two members of the Council, each committee also includes a member of the College’s executive leadership team, at least one student, and other members of the College community.

The committees are:

  • Athletics
  • Chaplain’s Office/Religious Life
  • Curriculum
  • Enrollment Management
  • Faculty and Staff Diversity
  • Safety and Student Services
  • Student Life

Each of the committees met in July to determine membership, goals, and next steps. A representative of each committee provided updates to the full Council.

Reports on racial bias and discrimination

The Council also discussed how cases of racial bias and discrimination are handled. When reports are made to the College, the appropriate student, faculty, or staff process is followed.

When action is taken in response to a report — from counseling and education up to expulsion or termination — outcomes are not publicized due to student and employee privacy laws and policies. The result is that those filing complaints often do not know that an action has been taken in response to their report.

This is an issue throughout higher education. To help address it at Florida Southern, the Council suggested information concerning outcomes not being posted publicly be included as part of the process undertaken when individuals file a report.

The College should also regularly share reporting and outcome data.

Reporting Form

Once students and faculty return to campus for the fall semester, the Council will launch its listening campaign to gather information about diversity, inclusion, and equity on campus. The campaign is scheduled to begin in early September and conclude in November.

The Council’s next meeting is Aug. 19.