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Setting Appointments

Students MUST schedule their exams via the FSC Testing Accommodations Center Appointment Form. Students submit their information, type of exam, course information, availability, and whether or not they have approved accommodations through Student Disability Services. Students are encouraged to provide as much availability as possible to aid in scheduling, since appointments may not be available during their typical class time.

  1. Those students with either of the following approved academic accommodations are permitted to complete their tests in the Testing Accommodations Center located in Ordway Building:
    • Extended time for tests and/or quizzes
    • Access to separate, quiet space to complete tests/quizzes
  2. Others eligible to use the Testing Accommodations Center:
    • Athletes needing to complete an exam early or make-up a missed exam due to travel off campus for competition
    • Students making up an exam due to illness or death in the family