Is your child frustrated with
reading, writing, and spelling?
Dyslexia may be the cause.

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The Roberts Academy may be the answer.

Does your child struggle with reading and writing? Does he or she get easily frustrated with their schoolwork? You are not alone.

Dyslexia is the most common cause of reading, writing, and spelling difficulties and can lead to extreme frustration and low self-esteem.

The good news is that many parents just like you have found the help they need at the Roberts Academy, Florida's only transitional school for children with dyslexia. The Academy is dedicated to preparing talented students with dyslexia to succeed in a traditional classroom setting. | More about the Academy »

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Reading Tutoring

Reading Tutoring at FSC
The Roberts Center offers after-school tutoring in reading. For $35 per hour, students work one-on-one with a trained teacher to develop their reading skills. | Learn more »

Successful Outcomes

June 2013 saw the first class graduate from The Roberts Academy and, since then, we have been delighted to receive positive feedback from parents of students who are enjoying success in their new schools.

 Luke is now in the 8th grade at a local public middle school and he is doing great! He is still gaining and making marked improvements in fluency, comprehension and vocabulary and currently has an A in Reading and in Language Arts. We owe a lot of Luke’s progress to the Roberts Academy. The two years he spent there really changed his path and his life. He has plans to go the college and of course to play Major League Baseball.” —Sara Olson, Mom

 Courtney made straight A’s during the first 9 weeks of school this year. She is doing so well and we are so grateful for the help that she received at Roberts Academy. The Academy improved the life of our little girl. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.

 The Roberts Academy made a huge impact on Kyle's success in being able to learn. It was worth the sacrifice of moving out of state for 3 years to attend the Roberts Academy and I wish there were more schools out there like it because I feel there is a tremendous need for them.” —Debbie Addair, parent of recent graduate.

 After attending The Roberts Academy for three years, Rachel’s transition into 7th grade was a tremendous success both socially and academically. She received a recognition for honors and most recently for high honors in 7th grade. We feel that The Roberts Academy gave her the foundation for her success.” —Valerie & Dan Kilbourne, parents of a recent graduate.

 Life after The Roberts Academy? Hard, tough, rewarding, and exciting! He struggled because of dyslexia, but he was successful because of The Roberts Academy.” —Michelle Lindsey, parent of a recent graduate.

 Sarah graduated from The Roberts Academy in June 2013. She had a smooth transition to her new school and has really thrived. She looks forward to going to school and has earned Honor Roll twice this year. Her accomplishments have been outstanding and I truly appreciate the support and instruction she received at The Roberts Academy. Her experiences at Roberts have helped achieve so much this year and I know it will continue in the future.” —Lisa South, parent of a recent graduate.

 Driving by The Roberts Academy my son always says, ‘I love that place; it changed my life!’ The Roberts Academy offered him specialized education that not only improved his reading ability, but also gave him the confidence to become a lifetime achiever in academics. After his transition from The Roberts Academy, Trey has flourished in science and academics. He won third place in the state of Florida for his biochemistry project studying the effects of light on microscopic organisms. The Roberts Academy helped our family realize that dyslexia does not have to limit a child, but can actually be the gateway to new opportunities.” —Tracy Russell, parent of a recent graduate.

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Is your child frustrated with reading, writing, and spelling? Dyslexia may be the cause.

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