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Library & Archives Staff

The library and archives are located in adjacent buildings on the northwest corner of the Florida Southern campus, near the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Frank Lloyd Wright Way (formerly McDonald Street).

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Library Liaisons

Librarians will be assigned as liaisons to specific departments and serve as key contacts for collaborating with faculty and providing library instruction.

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Roux Library Directory

Hillary Arieux Hillary Arieux

Resource Sharing Librarian

Roux Library


Susan Balmes Susan Balmes

Cataloging Technician


Andy Franzoni Andy Franzoni

Circulation Supervisor


Julie Hornick Julie Hornick, M.A., M.L.I.S.

Head of Library Instruction and Senior Instructional Services Librarian

Roux Library


Addie Goff Addie Goff

Evening Library Assistant


Randall M. MacDonald Randall M. MacDonald

Director of the Library

Roux Library


Marina Elena Morgan Marina Elena Morgan

Head of Technical Services and Senior Metadata Librarian

Roux Library


Elizabeth Partington Elizabeth Partington

Weekend Library Assistant


Micah Walsleben Micah Walsleben

Instructional Services Librarian

Roux Library


Christopher S. Worcester Christopher S. Worcester

Evening Circulation Supervisor


Roux Library Roux Library


McKay Archives McKay Archives


McKay Archives

Jeffrey J. Zines Jeffrey J. Zines

College Archivist

McKay Archives Center


Library Liaisons

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Department / SchoolLiaison(s)
Art History and Museum StudiesJulie N. Hornick
Barney Barnett School of Business and Free EnterpriseMicah Walsleben
BiologyJulie N. Hornick
Chemistry and PhysicsJulie N. Hornick
Citrus and Horticultural ScienceJulie N. Hornick
CommunicationRandall M. MacDonald
Computer ScienceMarina Morgan
Criminology (Social and Behavioral Sciences)Micah Walsleben
EnglishJulie N. Hornick
Micah Walsleben
History and Political ScienceMicah Walsleben
Honors ProgramMicah Walsleben
MathematicsRandall M. MacDonald
Military ScienceJulie N. Hornick
Modern LanguagesMarina Morgan
MusicMicah Walsleben
Psychology (Social and Behavioral Sciences)Micah Walsleben
Religion and PhilosophyMicah Walsleben
School of EducationJulie N. Hornick
School of Nursing and Health SciencesJulie N. Hornick
School of Physical TherapyJulie N. Hornick
Theatre ArtsRandall M. MacDonald
Visual Arts and DesignRandall M. MacDonald