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Herbert E. Wolfe Building


In 1948, Florida Southern College's Cafeteria was completed as part of the East Campus development project. In 1961, the building was dedicated to Herbert E. Wolfe, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Honorary Chancellor. The building has undergone several renovations over the years, including adding areas such as the Student Commons and the College Terrace. The building would later became known as just the "Caf." In the 2000s, the upper floor of the building, a dining room, was dedicated as Wynee's Bistro, after generous benefactor Wynee Warden, and the original terrace was enclosed to create more seating areas. A restaurant shares the bottom floor with the mailroom and the college bookstore. At different points in time, this area has been the College Terrace restaurant, a Taco Bell, as well as a deli. The space has also been commonly nicknamed the "Undercaf" due to being located "under the Caf."

Wolfe Building

Wolfe Building Interior


Wynee's Bistro