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0The Land of Lake Avalon Groves

Avalon Groves was and is located in Orange County Florida, west of the city of Orlando.

The Business Proposal states “The rolling ridge land, composed of the famous Norfolk Fine Sand, is especially adapted to the culture of the orange… The ridge section is dotted with scores of little lakes and the low hills are now largely covered with fine groves.” And this does describe the acreage. Until the freezes of the 1980’s the area was filled with citrus groves. Since then suburbia has spread.

Section of the 700 acres planted on the Lake Avalon tract, showing 2-year old trees. In the distance, one may see the tractor cultivators at work. Note the rolling character of the land and the unusual size of the 2-year old trees.Page 13 of the Business Proposal

The proposal goes on to say “In the center of this great lake section, immediately south of Lake Apopka and Johns Lake, and surrounding Lake Avalon, is a 4,000 acre tract of ridge land with scarcely a waste acre. From the standpoint of soil, drainage and climatic conditions, it is said to be the finest orange district in Florida - perhaps in [the] United States.” Dr. Malcolm Manners, Professor of Citrus Science at Florida Southern College agrees saying “they may not have stretched the truth at all. The portion of Florida that Avalon Groves was located in is known for being a perfect place to grow citrus, in fact, many groves are still located in the surrounding area.”

A 1903 map of Orlando and Winter GardenHere is a section of a map from 1903 showing the location of Orlando and Winter Garden. Avalon Groves was located south of Winter Garden.