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Chain and Medallion of the Honorary Chancellor

The Honorary Chancellor wears the Chain and Medallion during ceremonial occasions while in office. Cyril Lord, the Honorary Chancellor of the College for 1952-1953, presented these fine symbols to the college during Founders Week in 1952. Mr. Lord was a successful textiles manufacturer in England. He had the Chain and Medallion made to order by R. G. Hennell Company of London during the Summer of 1951.

The seal depicted on the face of the medallion is a revision of the College's original seal made in 1906 when the school was at Sutherland, Florida, and was called Southern College. The 1906 seal depicted a shield with seven stars and the motto lux sapientia lex - light, wisdom, law. The stars represent hope and also one of the brightest constellations in the southern sky, the Southern Cross. The shield represents faith.

The new seal was first used in 1945 at the dedication of the E. T. Roux Library. The motto was reversed to read lex sapientia lux, since it was felt that the words should be read from right to left, although this is not the standard way of reading. The Annie Pfeiffer Chapel and Hindu Temple give the idea of the universality of ideas expressed on campus.

The medallion features beautiful enamel work. The seven stars are represented in the chain with school letters - FSC - intertwined between each star.