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Florida Southern College Press

Florida Southern College has periodically published works under the imprint of "The Florida Southern College Press." This is a list of those publications, based on items held in the Special Collections of Roux Library. Please contact the library to help us identify additional publications:

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Title List

MacGowan, Robert. Stars in the Cedar. (hardbound edition)

MacGowan, Robert. A Philosophy for Education.
MacGowan, Robert. Stars in the Cedar. (paperbound and hardbound editions)

Thrift, Charles T., Jr. The Trail of the Florida Circuit Rider: An Introduction to the Rise of Methodism in Middle and East Florida. (limited edition numbered hardbound and paperbound editions)

Thrift, Charles T., Jr., (ed.). Marshaling Florida's Resources.

Sokoloff, Boris Th., and James B. Redd. Study on Vitamin 'P' (Florida Southern College, Monograph 1). Published in three parts.

Thrift, Charles T., Jr. Through Three Decades, at Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida.

Akerman, Robert H. Theodore Roosevelt in Florida.

MacGowan, Robert. The Annie Pfeiffer Chapel and Other Poems.

Thrift, Charles T., Jr., (ed.). Of Fact and Fancy... at Florida Southern College.

Haggard, Theodore M. Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida: The First 100 Years, An Illustrated History, 1985.

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