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Southern Landing


Formerly known as The SUMP and Anchor Park

In 1947, the College wanted to create a lakefront bandshell and amphitheater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright on the shore of Lake Hollingsworth. Unfortunately, as construction was to begin, the State of Florida claimed ownership of the lakefront property and development halted. For years, no major developments occurred aside from a large mound of earth added to the lake's topography in the 1950s. Despite the lack of development, the area gained several nicknames through the years. Early on, students nicknamed the location the SUMP, which stood for "Spivey's Ultra Modern Pool." When a large anchor chain was later added to the area, it then also became known as Anchor Park. In 2002, the City of Lakeland wanted to use the area for a stormwater treatment project that would help keep toxic stormwater out of the lake. Working together with the College, the City of Lakeland developed a beautification project that not only provided a wetland stormwater treatment area, but also a recreation area and research opportunities for Florida Southern students. The project was completed in 2004 and the area became known as Southern Landing. It features a boardwalk as well a small concrete plaza. Southern Landing occasionally hosts student events, but it is also fully open to the public, due to the popularity of Lake Hollingsworth for runners, bikers, and casual walkers. In 2010, part of the area was posthumously dedicated as Thomas B. Mack Park to Professor Thomas B. Mack, the former Director of Florida Southern's Citrus Institute and founder of the Florida Citrus Archives at the College. Mack had also been involved in several landscaping and beautification projects for the City of Lakeland.


Southern Landing

Thomas B. Mack Park. Thomas B. Mack was an author, educator and collector in the fields of horticulture, citrus and garden design. In 1951 he began a long horticultural teaching career at Florida Southern College specializing in citrus. In 1997 he was inducted into the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame for his many contributions to the citrus industry. He established the Citrus Institute of Florida Southern College and created the Thomas B. Mack Citrus Archives housed at FSC where he served as director until 1981. Mr. Mack was a dedicated community volunteer serving the Lakeland Beautification Board of the Parks and Recreation Department in the City of Lakeland. His contribution to Lakeland, Polk County and the State of Florida is recognized and honored through the dedication of Thomas B. Mack Park. Thomas B. Mack 1914-2004. City of LakelandThomas B. Mack Park Plaque