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Panhellenic Dormitories


In 1956, the Panhellenic Dormitories complex was constructed along Lake Hollingsworth with each dormitory housing a sorority. Designed by C. Dale Dykema from St. Petersburg, FL, the Panhellenic Dormitories were each shaped like an outline of a rectangle, with a small courtyard in the center of each building. Being built on a hill, the dormitories were two stories with a north entrance to the top floor and a south entrance overlooking a long drive, parking area, and the lake. In March 1960, a massive storm caused flooding that severely damaged the dormitories, the surrounding landscaping, and several cars. Fortunately, the College was able to make repairs to the complex, and the Panhellenic Dormitories were quickly restored. In 2006, the aging Panhellenic Dormitories were demolished to make way for the Barnett Residential Life Center, and the sororities were subsequently moved to the Publix Charities Commons and Greek Quad.

Panhellenic Dorms