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J. Edgar Wall Waterdome


Formerly known as the J. Edgar Wall Plaza

The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structure completed in 1948 was not a building at all, but a large fountain. Reflecting his organic architectural style, Wright designed this fountain for the College's highest point. This fountain when engaged would resemble a liquid dome of water in order to contrast the European Neoclassical domed concrete roofs of many North American college campuses at the time. When it was finished, the fountain was dedicated to J. Edgar Wall, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Unfortunately, the technology for Wright's fountain was unavailable when he was designing it. The pond stood and grew vegetation until 1968, when the College decided to pave over it and dedicate the new patio and smaller ponds as the J. Edgar Wall Plaza. It was not until 2007 when President Kerr's upgrade to the pond was finished that Wright's vision was finally realized. At full operating capacity, the Waterdome has all 75 jets blasting water 45 feet in the air into the shape of a complete dome. Despite swimming in the pond being typically subjected to a large monetary fine, graduating seniors are allowed in the fountain during Senior Splash at the end of the spring semester. This annual tradition began in the spring of 2011.


Wall Plaza