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Freshman Proverbs

From The Alligator, 1912, p. 173.

Sit quietly, look wise, and don’t ask questions.
Occasional holidays refresh the tired spirit.
Undertake not a French phrase unless thou art sure of it; remember that each Professor speaks at least nine tongues.
There’s many a slip ’twixt the start and the finish.
Have not aspirations to "kid" the Seniors.
Exalt not thy reports, for thou knowest not what future exams, may bring.
Reading Latin on way to class betokens a scant use of the midnight oil.
Nervous answers stir up doubt in the hearts of our instructors, but a bold front and rapid utterance cover up all short comings.

Cuss not your Science teacher.
Offer no resistance to hazing.
Love not the learned Sophomores.
Let the preachers steal the oranges.
Eat not stolen fruit.
Get 100 in deportment, Latin translations, physics keys.
Every "Freshie" longeth for the four years to be over; but every Senior desireth their return.