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History of Florida Southern College's Mascots

A Digital Exhibit Created by Maya Hutchins, McKay Archives Volunteer

While Florida Southern College is home to the beloved mascot Mocsie, this was not always the case. The College has gone through different variations of the moccasin mascot and even used a fluffy red bear at one point. Please take a look through all the different mascots the College has had throughout the years and learn more about each of our beloved mascots.


Some of the earliest versions of what we know as Doc Moc. Commonly used in the 1970s, this unnamed character would appear in FSC newspapers and can be observed playing multiple sports.

1985 - 1990

Doc Moc is the first variant of Mocsie, created in 1985. Originally, Doc Moc would've been a red and green snake, but that design did not provide much mobility. Deana Massey, the creator of Doc Moc, altered it to resemble a red, furry creature, inspired by Chicago Bulls' Benny the Bull mascot. Doc Moc retired in 1990.

1997 - 1998

From 1997-1998, Doc Moc was replaced with a more snake-like design, known as Moccy. This mascot had a long serpent tail and body. While the design was fun, initial concerns about the mobility of this suit came into play, and Moccy was modified yet again.

1999 - 2000

In 1999, the full body suit idea was scrapped, and the only piece left of Moccy was his head. Despite the attempts to improve this version of the mascot, Moccy soon retired in 2000.

2005 - 2010

In 2005, a new, fun member was introduced to the cheerleading team. Named Mocsie, this design featured a furry snake with red glasses and FSC spirit gear.

2010 - 2016

In 2010, Mocsie got LASIK surgery and no longer needed glasses. He also got an update for his spirit gear. While he has a friendly face, people outside the community didn't know what he was supposed to be, a lizard, dinosaur, anything but a snake.

2016 - Present

In 2016, the FSC Associate Athletic director for External Relations, Al Green, wanted a more intimidating and recognizable mascot. Green believed that since FSC was the only moccasin mascot in the NCAA, the mascot itself should be able to uphold that honor.