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Florida Southern College Football

Football at Florida Southern? Yes, the college fielded football teams when the school was located in Sutherland and was known as Southern College. The team was also in action for a number of years after the move to Lakeland. The rivalry between Southern and the Stetson Hatters was especially competitive.

As late as 1928, Southern's Moccasins played in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

After 1929, the financing of intercollegiate athletics became increasingly difficult, and the football program was dissolved by 1932. An effort was made the next year - without financial support from the college - to restart the program, but ultimately this effort was not successful.

Southern's Greatest Victory?

Notwithstanding Southern's heralded rivalry with Stetson, perhaps the most impressive sounding victory by today's standards was the Moccasin's 1919 win over the Florida Gators. Southern prevailed by a score of 7-0, which catapulted the Mocs toward the State Championship game... against the Hatters.

1923 Varsity Football Team Record, 2-4
 Southern  St. Petersburg (preseason game)   
Oct 13Southern  Stetson University  W
Oct 24Southern  Piedmont College  W
Nov 3Southern  Stetson University  L
Nov 10(?)Southern  Rollins  L
Nov 17Southern  University of Florida  L
Nov 23Southern  Citadel  L
1924 Varsity Football Team Schedule
Sep 27Southernvs. Citadel, at Charleston, SC   
Oct 4Southernvs. Presbyterian College, at Lakeland   
Oct 11Southernvs. U.S. Infantry School, at Columbus, GA   
Oct 25Southernvs. Stetson University, at Deland   
Nov 1Southernvs. University of Florida, at Gainesville   
Nov 11Southernvs. Rollins College, at Lakeland   
Nov 23Southernvs. Newberry College, at Lakeland   
Nov 29Southernvs. University of Havana, at Lakeland   
Dec 25Southernvs. University of Havana, at Havana, Cuba   
1925 Varsity Football Team Record, 2-2
Oct 10Southern0 University of Florida9 L
Oct 17Southern27 Georgia A & M0 W
Nov 11Southern18 Rollins3 W
Nov 25Southern6 Birmingham-Southern9 L
1925 Freshman Football Team Record, _-_
Oct 24Southern44 F. M. A.0 W
1926 Varsity Football Team Record, 4-4
 Southern39 Piedmont College0 W
Sep 25Southern0 University of Florida16 L
Oct 16Southern13 Birmingham-Southern26 L
Oct 23Southern29 Erskine College0 W
Nov 6Southern0 Stetson17 L
 Southern54 South Georgia0 W
Nov 20Southern35 Rollins0 W
ThanksgivingSouthern3 University of Louisville13 L
1927 Varsity Football Team Record, 2-5-1
Sep 24Southern7 University of Florida26 L
Oct 15Southern0 Centenary26 L
Oct 22Southern25 Rollins3 W
Oct 29Southern6 Stetson6 T
Nov 5Southern0 Wofford31 L
Nov 12Southern6 University of Chattanooga52 L
Nov 19Southern37 Rollins0 W
Nov 24Southern0 Mississippi College12 L
1927 Freshman Football Team Record, 5-0-2
Sep 23Southern18 Lakeland High School6 W
Sep 30Southern24 Fort Myers High0 W
Oct 6Southern0 Plant City High0 T
Oct 14Southern13 St. Petersburg Junior College6 L
Nov 4Southern6 Tampa Legion0 W
Nov 11Southern52 Rollins Freshmen0 W
Nov 18Southern12 St. Petersburg Junior College12 T
1928 Varsity Football Team Record, _-_
Nov 3Southern13 Stetson0 W
 Southern0 University of Chattanooga19 L
1929 Varsity Football Team Record, 2-5
Sep 25Southern0 University of Florida54 L
 Southern0(?) South Georgia A & M7(?) L
 Southern0 University of Miami6 L
 Southern19 Stetson42 L
 Southern6 St. Petersburg Junior College0 W
 Southern13 Rollins College0 W
ThanksgivingSouthern0 Erskine College26 L
1929 Freshman Football Team Record, 0-4-1
 Southern7 St. Petersburg Junior College12 L
 Southern7 St. Petersburg Junior College39 L
 Southern0 Sarasota Independents0 T
 Southern6 Palm Beach Outlaws52 L
 Southern0 Stetson Freshmen18 L
1930 Varsity Football Team Record, 0-6-1
 Southern  University of Florida  L
 Southern  Mercer  L
 Southern  South Georgia A & M  L
 Southern  University of Miami  L
 Southern  Rollins  T
 Southern  Southwestern Louisiana Institute  L
 Southern  Stetson  L
1931 Varsity Football Team Record, 4-4-1
 Southern7 Bowdon College0 W
 Southern21 University of Florida "B" Team0 W
 Southern31 University of Miami20 W
 Southern0 Howard College6 L
 Southern0 Stetson30 L
ThanksgivingSouthern0 Erskine18 L
 Southern14 Winter Haven All-Stars0 W
 Southern0 Lakeland All-Stars7 L
 Southern  Lakeland All-Stars  T
1932 Varsity Football Team Record, 2-2
 Southern6 Mulberry All-Stars0 W
 Southern6 Lake Wales Golden Wave20 L
 Southern6 Lake Wales Golden Wave18 L
 Southern7 Florida All-Stars6 W
1933 Varsity Football Team Record, 2-3
 Southern31 Lake Wales Golden Wave6 W
 Southern0 University of Tampa21 L
 Southern0 Stetson73 L
 Southern0 University of Florida Freshmen39 L
 Southern19 Rollins "B" Team0 W