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Experiencing learning beyond the classroom is an essential aspect of a Florida Southern education, and it is an opportunity you can help provide to Florida Southern students.

Student Research

Every summer, Florida Southern students have the opportunity to participate in collaborative research projects with their professors. These projects provide students with a once in a lifetime experience where they can dive into their field of study and grow under hands on instruction.

This summer, Addison Cantor ’20 collaborated with her biology professor, Dr. Susan Banks, on research of a specific protein linked with the occurrence of Parkinson’s disease, while psychology student Kenzie Hurley ’19 collaborated with psychology professor Dr. Leilani Goodmon on a project aimed at developing techniques to help children with attention deficit disorders.

These collaborative research projects between students and their professors are just a few examples of the transformative and unique work that occurs at Florida Southern over the summer. They illustrate the very best in educational excellence that the College has to offer—engaged learning, individualized attention, and the opportunity for students to make a difference in society.

Your Role

As a friend or alum of Florida Southern College you can provide more collaborative research projects to Florida Southern students. The only obstacle in offering a collaborative research project to every student who seeks one is securing the necessary funding.



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