Course descriptions are available in the academic catalog.

Academic Catalog

A. General Education Requirements40 hours
B. Major Requirements66-68 hours

Business Core Courses:

Course NumberCourse Name
ACC 2111Foundations of Financial Accounting
ACC 2112Foundations of Managerial Accounting
BUS 1115The Dynamics of Business and Free Enterprise (waived)
BUS 2217Principles of Management
BUS 2220Business IT Tools
BUS 2705Business Systems and Processes
BUS 2860Professional Development*
BUS 3311Legal Environment of Business
BUS 3320Applied Statistics and Analytics for Business
BUS 4960/4961Business Administration Internship* (2-4 hours)
BUS 4999Seminar in Strategic Management of the Business Enterprise
ECO 2207Principles of Macroeconomics
FIN 3453Managerial Finance
MKT 3160Marketing Principles

Business Administration Core Courses:

  • Any 3000-/4000-level BUS or ENT course not in the business core.
  • Sixteen hours in selected career paths.

* Should you choose not to complete BUS 2860 Professional Development and BUS 4960/4961 Business Internship, you will need to complete an additional 4 credit hours in your selected career path.

C. Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements12 hours
D. Electives4-6 hours
E. Total124 hours