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Dance Auditions

Due to safety precautions related to COVID-19, we are only accepting video auditions at this time.

All documents and video audition materials are due March 19, 2021 for the Fall 2021 semester. If you have questions, please contact the Dance Department at

Submit your dance audition by video.

Students auditioning for the BFA Dance Performance and Choreography and BA Dance Studies programs will be evaluated for acceptance into the program, as well as scholarship consideration.

Auditions are required for entry into the Dance Minor, however scholarships are not available.

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Audition Criteria

This audition is for students who have already applied to Florida Southern College and who intend to major/minor in Dance Studies or Dance Performance & Choreography.

The audition process will consist of ballet and modern dance technique, as well as improvisational movement. Students auditioning for one of the dance majors should also prepare a short solo of 90 seconds or less. The solo may be student choreography or a part of work choreographed by someone else.

Audition Requirements

  • A letter of recommendation* from a current or past dance instructor.
  • Self-photo (headshot, dance photo, or enlarged snapshot) for identification purposes.

* The letter of recommendation can be uploaded on the form or emailed to

Appropriate attire for the audition includes correct dancewear (leotard/tights) and footwear (ballet slippers and bare feet). Students may be asked to do pointe work at the discretion of the instructor.

Video Submission Requirements

On the registration form, one video audition link (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) should be shared in the appropriate URL field provided for the following components and the self-photo should be uploaded:

  • The beginning of the video should be a self-introduction stating name, the program auditioning for (BFA, BA, or minor) and why you would like to study dance at FSC.
  • Ballet barre (plies, tendu, dégagé, rond de jambe, developpe, frappe, grande battement) on the right and left sides AND center exercises (placement/body positions with pirouettes, adagio that includes a 1st arabesque, petit allegro that includes sautés in 1st position and changement, and grand allegro with pique and/or chaine turns). Pointe work may be included, but is not required.
  • If modern is currently being studied, a short movement exercise (containing standing and floor work).
  • 45 seconds to 1 minute of improvisation using the below prompt. You may use music, but it is not required.
    • Move back and forth between exploding and contracting. Reach the limits of moving quickly and slowly or with force and subtlety. Move between these two textural extremes and explore a wide range of movement possibilities.
  • If auditioning for the major (BFA or BA), a short solo (90 seconds) in a style/technique of your choosing. Variations are also accepted. Minors do not need a solo. Solos may be recorded from a previous performance.

Questions? Contact

Erin LaSala, MFA

Dance Program Coordinator