Florida Southern College's goal of producing good citizens who make a lasting impact on their communities is advanced by the quality of campus life in the college community. Our community, our foundation seeks to create a community of scholars who hold one another accountable to the high ideals, vision and mission of the College. Through shared values and communal expectations, FSC engenders a specific atmosphere where students can study, socialize, rest and grow as they pursue their academic goals. Campus life creates a positive and enriching environment that cares for the whole person - developing maturity of character that is the aim of the College. The Cornerstone outlines the standard of behavior that forms a basis for academic and social life.

Florida Southern seeks to create a community of scholars who hold one another accountable to the high ideals, vision, and mission of the college. Choosing to join the community obligates each member to a code of behavior that reflects the highest personal and communal values to which the college is committed.

Inspired by the Judeo-Christian principles on which the college was founded, as a Florida Southern Scholar...


I will practice personal and academic integrity and excellence of character and expect the same from others.

..commitment to this ideal demands personal responsibility and communal accountability. It requires that choices be made that reflect the shared values of the college community. It expects truthfulness, honor, and maturity from community members.

I will respect the dignity, value, and worth of all persons while learning from the differences in people, ideas, and opinions.

...commitment to this ideal calls for members of the college community to refrain from behaviors that compromise or demean the dignity of individuals or groups. It affirms equal rights and opportunities for all students regardless of race, creed, color, gender, marital status, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.

I will respect the rights and property of others.

...a commitment to this ideal affirms the college's goal of creating an environment where students can pursue personal growth and academic goals. It deems inappropriate all forms of theft, vandalism, arson, misappropriation, malicious damage to, and desecration or destruction of property. Respect for others' personal rights is inconsistent with any behavior which violates their ability to move about freely, express themselves appropriately, and to enjoy privacy.

I will demonstrate concern for others, their feelings, and our communal need for conditions that promote personal growth and academic success.

...a commitment to this ideal calls upon each member of the campus to foster a sense of community by practicing civility. It is a pledge to be compassionate and considerate, to avoid behaviors which are insensitive, inhospitable, or which unjustly or arbitrarily inhibit others' ability to feel safe.

Through my actions, I will honor and contribute to the rich heritage left by those who have preceded us and work to leave the college a better place for those who follow.

...a commitment to this ideal recognizes and affirms the unique opportunity afforded by being a member of the Florida Southern College community. It calls upon community members to practice good stewardship of resources and take responsibility for the continued success of the institution.

The Cornerstone outlines the standard of behavior that is the foundation for campus life. Commitment to these ideals requires each member of the community to practice behaviors that promote the well-being of the community and to discourage those behaviors which do not.