Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising & Public Relations

—Career Track for Communication


Every successful industry today recognizes the need to maintain strong lines of communication with target audiences.

Our Advertising and Public Relations program prepares you for the reality of the global communications world.

With a strong multimedia background and practical learning experiences, you’ll graduate poised to put your corporate communication skills to work.

Top Reasons to Choose FSC for
Advertising & Public Relations

  • Our students complete professional internships before graduation. Students can pursue internships in the major markets of Tampa and Orlando.
  • Relationships with professors extend beyond the classroom and beyond graduation. We continue to provide graduates with professional and career guidance.
  • All full-time communication professors hold masters degrees or higher and are members of professional organizations.
  • Students have the opportunity to present at state and national conferences to share campaigns and network with industry professionals.

Engaged Learning in the Classroom

In the Principles of Advertising and Public Relations course, you’ll receive an introduction into the worlds of advertising and public relations—and then work on a preliminary campaign for a local organization.

Through regular discussion about the creative aspects of award-winning commercials in class, you’ll develop your critical abilities for identifying what makes advertising effective and memorable.

In all your advertising classes, even your introductory ones, you’ll be asked to develop ads that illustrate the concepts being discussed.

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Departmental Clubs & Organizations

Advertising majors are encouraged to participate in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), which provides an opportunity to work on a real-life advertising campaign.

You’ll also have numerous opportunities to network with industry professionals and tour area advertising agencies as a member of AdFed, our student advertising organization.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

There are numerous sources for scholarships related to FSC’s different communications degrees. This is just a partial list of Web sites that offer information on scholarships related to advertising and public relations:

Internship Opportunities

Our majors intern throughout the region at corporations, agencies, and non-profits such as:

  • Bartow Chamber of Commerce
  • Blue Lake Citrus Products
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • City of Lakeland
  • Cross Cultural Center
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Explorations V
  • Girl Scouts
  • Grapevine Communications
  • Hal Paul Enterprises
  • Hall Communications, Inc.
  • Heart of Florida United Way
  • Institute of Spanish Communication, Inc.
  • Kingston Partners
  • Lakeland Economic Development Council
  • Lakeland Regional Medical Center
  • Lakeland Thunderbolts
  • Lion's Share Entertainment
  • Live Nation
  • Peabody Hotel Group
  • Peace River Center
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Polk County Board of County Commissioner
  • Polk County Public Schools
  • Polk Museum of Art
  • Polk Works
  • Publix Super Markets Inc.
  • SPCA
  • Supervisor of Elections
  • Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
  • Total Events LLC
  • Universal Studios Orlando
  • Warner Southern College
  • Watson Clinic
  • YMCA

Graduate & Professional Opportunities

Our graduates have pursued advanced degrees at leading programs such as the University of Texas at Austin, University of West Florida, and the University of Central Florida.

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Special Features

National Student Advertising Competition

FSC advertising students recently attended the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) student conference in Dallas, where they heard industry professionals talk about the latest trends in advertising.

Tampa Skyline

Because we’re perfectly positioned between Tampa and Orlando, we have easy access to industry professionals and internship opportunities. You’ll observe communications companies and network with industry professionals while visiting advertising agencies and media organizations in these major markets.

Market research and persuasive messaging

Your professors at FSC combine years of experience in advertising and speechwriting with academic expertise in market research and persuasive messaging.

Ad Fed logo

You’ll also have numerous opportunities to network with industry professionals and tour area advertising agencies as a member of AdFed, our student advertising organization.


Program Requirements

Advertising & Public Relations

A. General Education Requirements 40 hours
B. Major Requirements 42 - 46 hours

22 hours in core Communication major:

COM 1101 Media Foundations
COM 2500 Desktop Publishing
COM 2600 Principles of Advertising and Public Relations
COM 3420 Advertising Writing 
COM 3450  Public Relations Writing
COM 4400 Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns 
COM 3410  Advertising Creative 
COM 4350  Public Relations Strategies
C. Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements 20 hours
D. Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements 12 hours
E. Electives 12-20 hours
F. Total 124 hours
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Course Descriptions

Four hours. This course is an examination of the principles and processes of media creation. Media Foundations provide students with an appreciation of the history, theory and principles of visual communication in mass media with an emphasis on graphic, web and multimedia design. Students gain a broad overview of the full media development methods through various original creative works.

Four hours. Using a simulated office environment, acquaint students with the basics of news media, public relations, and advertising electronic document layout for newspapers, brochures, magazines and on-line publications. Students learn basic management skills via peer centered critiques, coaching and mentoring.

Four hours.  Prerequisites: COM 1500 and COM 2500 and completion of Effective Communication SLO A for majors; completion of Effective Communication SLOS A & B for Integrated Marketing Communication or Advertising Design Minors; or permission of the instructor. Survey of advertising and public relations methods. Emphasis on preparation of advertisements, professional communication strategies and tactics, use of relevant research methodologies, and communication campaigns.

Four hours. Prerequisites: COM 2500 or ART 1120. A non-art course emphasizing the deadline-driven elements of advertising design in the professional world with an emphasis on agency needs.



Four hours. Prerequisites: COM 2500 and COM 2600. Provides an emphasis on developing the writing skills that are necessary for effective advertising copy, including writing for traditional and non-traditional media.

Four hours. Prerequisites: 
COM 1500 and COM 2500. Students develop industry-appropriate writing skills and techniques including creation of press releases, backgrounders, pitch letters, and other relevant media products. This course focuses on using audience analysis, demographics, and psychographics to tailor messages to specific audiences. Creation of a portfolio is required.

Four hours. Prerequisites: 
COM 3450. May be taken up to two times with permission of the instructor as topics change. The Public Relations Strategy course is a special topics course focusing on discussion of strategies and tactics within a variety of public relations fields such as crisis management, political communication, international communication, grass-roots/advocacy public relations, and/or non-profit public relations. Students will conduct original campaign research, analyze the results, and devise a research-driven public relations campaign appropriate to the class focus.

Four hours. Prerequisites: 
Either COM 3410 or COM 4350 for majors. Either ART 3410, 3510, or BUS 4488 for interdisciplinary minors. The orchestration of research, planning and communication skills for a client or employer seeking to achieve measurable outcomes that influence target publics.