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Florida Southern Guarantees

The Florida Southern Guarantees

Our willingness to go above and beyond the conventional college experience sets Florida Southern apart. In fact, we guarantee signature opportunities in the following three key areas.

FSC guarantee number 1 is graduate in four years
FSC guarantee number 2 is incredible internships
FSC guarantee number 3 is study abroad

Graduate in four years.

Follow a few simple guidelines and if you are unable to graduate in four years, Florida Southern College will cover your remaining cost of tuition until you graduate.

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We believe “learning” and “doing” go hand in hand.

That’s why we do more than offer internship opportunities... we guarantee them! Our students work with business and organizations of all kinds and pursue highly competitive internships around the country.

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An education from Florida Southern will take you places!

Through our Junior Journey program, every new full-time undergraduate student is guaranteed a domestic or foreign travel learning experience to study abroad in exciting locations around the world.

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You can travel and earn college credit at the same time... often at no additional cost. How cool is that?

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