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Work Study Jobs Listing

Many of our students are employed at businesses and restaurants throughout the Lakeland area. For need-based students who qualify, the Federal Work-Study Program provides students with part-time jobs to help meet their financial need and offer work experience on campus and in the community. Eligibility for work-study and other federal programs is based upon the FAFSA, which must be filed annually.

Job Title: Computer Lab Assistant
Department: Information Technology Services
Supervisor: Mary Ann Haselier
Email: mhaselier@flsouthern.edu
Phone: 863-680-3935
Number of Positions Open: 1
Duties: The following are essential requirements for this position. To assist with a variety of computer issues on campus primarily related to hardware. To assist department staff by moving equipment, setting up computers, projectors, printers, etc. This equipment is both fragile and heavy. Moving equipment across campus is done with the use of a rolling hand cart.
Qualifications: Candidate must be very skilled in technology, especially with hardware. We do not provide training for student lab assistants. Must be good with customer relations as well as computer software and hardware. To apply, submit an email to Mary Haselier.
Job Title: Student Development Officer
Department: Advancement
Supervisor: Scott Robinson
Email: srobinson@flsouthern.edu
Phone: 863-680-6231
Number of Positions Open: up to 24 (up to 10 hours a week)
Duties: Development Officers are responsible for calling people connected to Florida Southern College. These could be alumni, friends, or parents. Officers will engage with them by providing institutional news, updating contact information, thanking them for past support, and asking for monetary support for the College.
Qualifications: Applicants should demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills and have a solid command of the English language. They should have a broad knowledge of the institution, an eagerness to learn, and a motivated work ethic. They should work well in a team environment, have a strong attention to detail, and will be responsible for following a timely work schedule. Must be current degree-seeking, full-time students or graduate students of Florida Southern College.