Job Title: TechBuddy
Department: School of Education
Supervisor: Dr. Autumn Grubb
Phone: 863-680-5118
Number of Positions Open: 2
Duties: TechBuddies assist students and faculty with different technology needs. This includes: Portal, SMART, Microsoft Office, and other web tools. TechBuddies work closely with faculty and must be able to train them on these tools.
Qualifications: Applicant should have a good understanding of Microsoft Office and the Portal from a student’s perspective. We will train you on other programs that are supported by the TechBuddies. Applicant must be at least a second semester Freshman. Must be comfortable working in a team environment.

Job Title: Student Telecounselor
Department: Admissions
Supervisor: Adara Richter, Asst. Director of Admissions
Phone: 863-680-3753
Number of Positions Open: 1
Duties: To produce quality calls to prospective students regarding applications, campus visit events, scholars weekend events, and more. To provide prospective students with the ability to gain greater knowledge about the college, the programs, and campus life. To share their experiences at FSC. To make the students and/or families feel at ease about FSC. To report back on details of the calls.
Qualifications: Must have a positive upbeat attitude and a love for FSC. Must possess good communication skills and enjoy talking on the phone. Must be detail oriented - job will involve writing notes and reporting back to the Hobsons "Telecenter" tool about what the conversation with each student entailed. Must be able to work at least two times a week, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday.