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What will you study this fall?

Please take a few moments to tell us what types of courses you are interested in taking this fall. Your selections will help us to better advise you at Summer Advising Day.

Getting Started

Florida Southern offers a curriculum that consists of courses that, collectively, represent what a broadly educated person ought to know and which prepare students to enjoy productive and fulfilling personal and professional lives.

The General Education Curriculum

The typical first-semester schedule consists primarily of General Education courses. Taking a range of courses exposes you to multiple fields, and “undeclared” students are able to explore their interests by taking a variety of courses. See descriptions of some common first-year courses.

Major Requirements

Along with General Education courses, several majors require first-year students to take courses within their chosen field of study. Take time to review the requirements for the major or career track you have declared. Also, if your intended program of study leads to the B.A., you should begin fulfilling your language requirements immediately.

The major that you select is very important as your advisor will be prepared to plan a schedule around this program of study. If the major you select differs from the major you indicated when you applied, your record will be updated, unless this program requires approval.

Programs that require approval include Dance, Graphic Design, Music, Musical Theatre, Nursing, and Studio Art.

If you have questions about your degree requirements, please contact the Student Solutions Center.

Let’s get started

Please note: We cannot begin selecting classes for you unless you have submitted your enrollment deposit.


Things to know:

  • One “credit hour” means that you are in class one hour per week. Most courses are 4 credit hours.
  • A 4-credit hour course generally meets four hours per week.
  • A typical semester load is 12-16 credit hours.
  • To be considered full time, you must take a minimum of 12-credit hours.

Questions? Contact

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