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Because we realize you’re a key resource for college-bound students, we’re sharing information to help navigate their college application-and-search process.

student body statistics. 2,500 undergraduate students from nearly every state and fifty countries. 6000 plus applications received annually with a 45 percent acceptance rate. sixty percent of our students come from florida with the remaining forty percent coming from out of state. forty percent are male, sixty percent are female. florida southern has an eighty percent rention rate for first-year students.

100% of students participate in a hands on learning experiences including internships, study abroad, performance, and research.

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Counselor Visit Opportunities

Experience everything Florida Southern has to offer through our special programs created specifically for school counselors.

Counselor Visit Program

Our Counselor Visit Program offers school counselors from across the country an opportunity to spend two days exploring one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.

Local Counselor Program

We’d like to better assist you in helping your students with their college selections by inviting you to learn more about the many benefits of the Florida Southern College education.

Florida Sunshine Tour

On this exclusive nine day tour, school counselors visit top private colleges and universities and have the opportunity to tour campuses, as well as meet students, faculty and key administrators.

Counselor Advisory Board

The Florida Southern Counselor Advisory Board is composed of outstanding leaders from the high school counseling community.

Gateway to Success

Florida Southern College may consider applicants for conditional admission as part of the Gateway to Success program.

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Travel Reimbursement Program

We strive to provide counselors with opportunities and support to visit our campus.

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Applications and Financial Aid Timeline

Each year, Florida Southern offers $20 million+ in college aid on the basis of academic merit, talent in athletics or fine arts, leadership, community service, student need, and other factors.

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FAFSA opens on october 1. early decision applications and priority prestige scholarships are due november 1. prestige scholarships are due december 3. early decision deposits are due by january 15. regular decision applications are due march 1. honors program applications are due march 1. priority deadline for financial aid is also march 1. regular decision deposits are due by may 1.

Honors Program

The Honors Program is highly focused on supporting and helping bright, highly motivated students to take their knowledge to the next level.

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Student Visit Opportunities

There are many different ways to experience Florida Southern and it’s the very best way to be sure if Florida Southern College is the right school your students.

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