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Undergraduate Admissions Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Getting Started

A B.A degree program offers undergraduates with a holistic education, requiring fewer credits that are directly related to the chosen major. With the B.A., there is a concentration on the humanities and social sciences. A B.S. degree program is restricted to taking credits that are particular to the chosen field, providing an emphasis on details and the analytical understanding of the subject. Although these degrees hone different strengths, academically, they are equally valued.

That’s no problem! On average, about 10 percent of incoming freshmen at Florida Southern College are undeclared majors, and even more will decide to switch their majors to a more specific area of study after or during their freshman year. With 70+ programs to choose from, there are plenty of programs to explore and classes to experience.

You can apply online using Florida Southern College’s online application — or apply using the Common Application.

If you submit Florida Southern College’s early application, you will not be required to attend Florida Southern or withdraw any other applications you may have with other higher education institutions. Our early application program is available only for the convenience of our prospective students! Only those students applying as an Early Decision candidate are required to enroll if admitted.

Applying for Admission

Although it is encouraged that you come and speak with your admissions counselor so we can get a better idea of your personality and overall academic goals, it is not a requirement to interview.

We recommend that you prepare for both tests to get a feel for their styles — this will enable you to see which test you’ll ultimately prefer to take. We also super score on each of these tests so we also recommend taking each multiple times.

Your FSC Admissions counselor will be your main point of contact through the entire admissions process! You can contact your counselor through phone or email to discuss any information linked to your application and all of the materials pertaining to it.

View your application status and upload required materials to your personal status page. For instructions to logging in to the Student Status page, view page three of this FAQ.

Florida Southern will not order your transcripts; however, you can send these to us by ordering them through your high school’s guidance office (or college Registrar’s Office) and send the documents to us either through a sealed envelope or through an electronic service.

You may send your high school and college transcripts once they are readily available to you at any time during your application process. The earlier the better!

You are not required to submit all materials at the same time. We will wait to make an admissions decision until you are comfortable with all of the information you have provided us, especially our required materials!

Please feel free to share additional materials that will aid the admissions committee in learning more about your fit for Florida Southern, such as a resume, additional letters of recommendation or a personal blog or vlog URL.

If your SAT/ACT scores are included as part of your official high school transcript, you need not send them separately. Official AP testing scores must be sent from the College Board once they are available to you.

Students applying via Regular and Early Decision receive decisions approximately 2-3 weeks from the date their application and all credentials have been received.

Next Steps

Students must make their College decision by the national candidate reply date of May 1.

Once you submit your credit transcript, the registrar’s office will provide you with an evaluation within a couple of weeks. There is also an advanced credit policy located on the Florida Southern College website.

Students will complete a Course Preference Form, which will provide your faculty advisor with an idea of the courses you do or don’t prefer to take in your first semester. A faculty advisor will build a schedule based off of your course preferences and review your schedule with you at Orientation.

Florida Southern uses the information you provide on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to consider students for federal, state and institutional need-based aid. When submitting the FAFSA online be sure to include Florida Southern College’s school code 001488. The FAFSA opens on October 1.

Visit our easy to follow checklist for applying for financial aid.

All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships at the same time they are considered for admission, and merit scholarship awards are sent with student admission offers. Comprehensive financial aid packages will begin being mailed in December (for students entering in the fall semester) for those that have completed the FAFSA. If you are not planning to submit a FAFSA, please notify your admissions counselor so your award letter can be prepared for you.

Prior to arriving at Orientation, major changes can be handled through the FSC Admissions Office. Please note, some programs require departmental approval and additional application materials.

You will not have the opportunity to declare a second major or a minor during the Admissions process. Students who desire to do so should speak with a faculty advisor at Advising Day or Orientation, and indicate their plans when completing their Course Preference Form.