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Bimini - Biology

Fall Trip - JJ

Tropical Ecology: Field Studies in Shark Biology
October 12 to October 18
Instructor: Laura Habegger

Learn More about Tropical Ecology: Field Studies in Shark Biology

Prerequisite: Permission needed from the Instructor. Field Studies in Shark Biology is designed as a rigorous field course introducing students to sharks and the methods used to study them in their natural habitats.  This course provides an exceptional learning opportunity for students to experience hands-on cutting-edge field research while at a marine field station. 
Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Education

Fall Trip - JJ

Costa Rica – A Close Look at Diverse Education
October 12 to October 20
Dr. Bernardo Blanco

Learn More about Costa Rica – A Close Look at Diverse Education

Students on this trip will explore the organization of communities and school systems in rural Costa Rica. We will immerse ourselves within the local classroom observing and preparing them to teach English to Costa Rican students and visit rural schools in the province of Guanacaste Nandayure and/or Tilaran. We will also visit two working plantations to ascertain what education might be needed to assist them produce a better margin in their trading of products. There will still be plenty of time to go horseback riding, visit the Arenal Volcano and hot water springs, and spend the day exploring the city of San Jose.
Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe - Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

A Journey through Eastern Europe
October 12 to October 21
Dr. Allen

Learn More about A Journey through Eastern Europe

Travel through Eastern Europe where you’ll be exposed to the rich and diverse history of Prague, Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest. Beginning in Prague, you’ll walk through Old Town and across the Charles Bridge, and spend time in the Castle District exploring the Old Royal Palace and St. Vitus Cathedral. On the way to Vienna you’ll stop in Salzburg to visit the Cesky Krumlov Castle; once in Vienna you’ll tour the Imperial Palace, St. Stephens Cathedral, Mozart’s house and more. The final stops on the tour will take you to Bratislava and Budapest where you’ll have the chance to discover Heroes Square, Bratislava Castle, and the Blue Church.

Ecuador - Multi-disciplined

Winter Trip - JJ

Andes and Amazon Adventure
December 12 to December 19
Dr. Kristian Taylor

Learn More about Andes and Amazon Adventure

This junior journey is geared toward adventurers. The trip includes hiking through the Papallacta volcanic hot springs as well as the amazon jungle, crossing the Andes, visiting El Pailon Del Diablo waterfall and the Rio Pastaza Canyon, and white water rafting along the Napo River. Along with these activities, students will be exposed to Ecuadorian culture by exploring Quito and the Mitrad del Mundo, as well as Independence Plaza and the Government Palace. In Baños students will visit the indigenous Kichwa community as well as the Amazon Animal Rescue Center in Tena.

Hawaii - Biology

Winter Trip - JJ

Microbial Soil Diversity on the Big Island of Hawaii
December 12 to December 21
Dr. Gasper

Learn More about Microbial Soil Diversity on the Big Island of Hawaii

Prerequisite: BIO1500 or permission from instructor. On this study abroad trip, we will visit the Big Island of Hawaii where we will collect soil samples from a variety of climates which we will then examine upon our return to Florida Southern. Join us as we make our way through a variety of ecosystems, including Volcanoes National Park, a tropical rainforest, and of course, multiple unique beach destinations. We will also gain knowledge of traditional Hawaiian culture through an overnight stay at Volcanoes National Park, a Luau dinner, trips to historical sites, and a coffee plantation tour. Other activities include a helicopter tour of the island, a zipline tour through the rainforest, and numerous hikes off the beaten path to secluded waterfalls and beaches.

Italy - Winter-Multi-disciplined

Winter Trip - JJ

Culture & Cuisine of Italy
December 14 to December 23
Dr. Serrano

Learn More about Culture & Cuisine of Italy

Explore the rich history and culture of Italy as we travel through the beauty of Venice, Florence, Tuscany and Rome. A hands-on experience of the contributions of Italians.

Italy - Athletics-Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

Italy - Athletics
October 12 to October 20
Drew Howard

Learn More about Italy - Athletics

Prerequisite: Permission needed from the Instructor. This course will explore some wonderful locations throughout Italy. Stops will include Venice, Lucca, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, and Mount Vesuvius. Students will benefit from a variety of activities designed to introduce students to the past, present, and future of Italy. The group will learn from immersion in Italian culture and history with everything from a Venetian rowing lesson to guided tours of Pompeii.

Italy - Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

Italy (Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast)
October 11 to October 19
Dr. Cazalas

Learn More about Italy (Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast)

Travel through Italy, visiting sites of historic importance (e.g., Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum) in Rome and the Southeast region of Italy, including Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, and Positano. Observe (in discussion and through journaling) the history, geography, geology, and ecology, and socio-economic makeup of Italy.

Romania - Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

Dracula in Transylvania, Romania: Medieval Fortresses and Castles
October 12 to October 20
Instructor: Marina Morgan

Learn More about Dracula in Transylvania, Romania: Medieval Fortresses and Castles

This course will explore various locations in Transylvania, Romania, with an emphasis on its medieval and contemporary history, society, architecture, and culture. It will also explore the origins of the myth and legend of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Count Dracula.

Scotland - Multi-disciplined

Fall Trip - JJ

Exploring the Mainlands of Scotland
October 11 to October 20
Dr. Malcolm Manners

Learn More about Exploring the Mainlands of Scotland

Travel around Scotland, including Edinburgh, Inverness, Loch Ness, Loch Lomond, Fort William, Stirling, and the Isle of Skye. Visit castles, ancient ruins, great gardens, historic battle sites, and beautiful scenery.
Southern Spain

Southern Spain

Fall Trip - JJ

A Spanish Cultural Adventure
October 12 to October 20
Dr. Caney & Dr. Denham

Learn More about A Spanish Cultural Adventure

This course will try to explore various aspects Southern Spanish history and culture. It will focus on the rich Christian, Islamic and Judaic influences that allowed these religions and cultures to coexist and flourish for hundreds of years with tours, presentations, and museum visits in Madrid, Cordoba, and Seville among with many other cities. We’ll also spend evenings learning about the rich culture through food, art, and Flamenco and Gypsy dancing and music.

Spain - Healthcare

Winter Trip - JJ

Medical Shadowing in Spain
December 12 to December 22
Instructor: Lauren Albaum

Learn More about Medical Shadowing in Spain

Prerequisite: Permission needed from Instructor. During this Junior Journey, students will have the opportunity to shadow various physicians and specialities at Hospital de Sant Pau I Santa Tecla in Tarragona, Spain.
Switzerland and Italy

Switzerland and Italy - Healthcare

Fall Trip - JJ

Global Health Organizations
October 12 to October 20
Dr. Krause

Learn More about Global Health Organizations

This travel course introduces students to international organizations focused on humanitarianism and global health, an interdisciplinary field exploring major health problems, interventions, and policies impacting the health status and well-being of all persons. We will spend several days in Geneva and then Milan, where we will meet with representatives of global health organizations such as the World Health Organization, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Red Cross. There will also be visits many museums, cathedrals, and other unique cultural and historical sites in both cities.