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Trips Around the World



Gambia & Senegal-2017

Gambia & Senegal-2017 - Tropical Ecology

Winter Trip

Tropical Ecology
December 26 to January 8
Dr. Wolovich


Caribbean / Latin America


Bimini-2017 - Marine Biology

Fall Trip - JJ

Field Studies in Shark Biology
October 14 to October 20
Dr. Brian Franks

This trip is open to those students who have successfully completed BIO 3150 OR BIO 3700 This Study Abroad experience engage students in the study of the various aspects of the biology, behavior and conservation of elasmobranch fishes, specifically sharks. Using a combination of lectures, in-class activities and field trips students will gain a firsthand understanding and experience in the study of sharks. Why? Because sharks are awesome!


Fall Trip - JJ

Cuba: A Caribbean Cultural Encounter
October 14 to October 22
Dr. Jose Garcia

This trip provides a unique opportunity to gain a cultural and educational perspective on Cuba; experience firsthand the important aspects of modern history, cultural norms and traditions on contemporary society and Cuban national identity, visit historic sites and discover through discussions and presentations from a wide variety of Cubans how they view the future of the people and their country.

Ecuador-2017 - Accounting & Nursing

Winter Trip

Collaboration in Ecuador: Service & Culture
December 13 to December 21
Dr. Quilliam & Dr. Lyle

Prerequisites: Business, Nursing, Health Sciences, or other majors (identified and with permission from the trip directors). Students will experience an introduction to the Spanish culture and communication strategies specific to their discipline. (Accounting/Nursing/General) while serving in the Quito community, located near the equator and at 9500 ft. altitude. Work and interact with peers from other majors in this beautiful, scenic area of the world as you identify concepts of the Ecuadorian healthcare system, identify collaborative business opportunities for corporate and non-profit exchanges, or help to construct and refurbish buildings in the community. We will be working closely with various departments of the local university and go on daily excursions to theaters, museums, and cultural sites in and around the capital city.




Winter Trip - JJ

Western Landscapes
December 14 to December 21
Ms. Gerrianne Schaad

This trip explores the culture, landscapes, and history of the American West, as seen through the lens of the various experiences of indigenous peoples, settlers, and outlaws. With expeditions to Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott and surrounding areas, visit gardens, cliff dwellings, museums and national parks found only in this distinctive region of the U.S. you’ll gain an appreciation of the landscapes and cultures that have left an impression on imaginations coast-to-coast.

Orlando-2017 - Business

Fall Trip - JJ

What Would Walt Do?
October 16 to October 21
Dr. Cindy Hardin

Learn leadership and teambuilding skills while exploring the creation and operations of one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. Go behind the scenes to examine legal, management, and marketing issues faced by the theme park from its inception to modern times.




Winter Trip - JJ

Yorkshire & the North of England
December 13 to December 26
Dr. Malcolm Manners

Travel through northern England, experiencing the history and beauty of York, the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors National Park, Northumberland National Park, Hadrian's Wall, and the Lake District visiting sites of historic and cultural importance (castles, ruins, ancient megalithic sites, etc.).

Greece-2017 - Athletics

Fall Trip - JJ

Exploring Greece
October 14 to October 22
Mr. Drew Howard

This trip explores some of the most important locations of ancient and present day Greece. We will visit Santorini, an island in the southern Aegean Sea and the present day site of the ancient Minoan civilization and one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. We’ll then head to Athens spending time immersed in the Greek culture and Olympic spirit, and its effect on history and politics. The trip will end in Delphi a city with a rich history critical to the ancient and Modern Greek culture.


Fall Trip - JJ

Historic Significance of Ireland
October 13 to October 20
Dr. Alex Ortiz

Over the course of a week, students will visit attractions and sites of cultural and historical significance to Ireland and Northern Ireland. In Dublin students will spend days visiting abbeys, castles, and other locations, and evenings learning the mythology and songs of the country. Outside of the city, students can climb the Sliabh Liag Cliffs and learn to surf in the North Atlantic Ocean. There will also be time in Derry, Northern Ireland visiting the murals and medieval walls of the city.

Italy-2017 - Military History

Fall Trip - JJ

Italy & WWII Tour
October 14 to October 22
LTC Vaira

This trip is for active students with an interest in military science. While being immerses in Italian culture and lifestyle, students will learn how the invasion of Italy helped the success of D-Day during World War II. The experience consists of an informative trip through the central and northern country side with opportunities to visit famous places like Rome, Venice, and Pisa.


Fall Trip - JJ

Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland
October 13 to October 22
Dr. Malcolm Manners

Travel through western and northern Scotland, and the Isles of Harris, Lewis, and Skye, visiting sites of historic importance (castles, ruins, ancient megalithic sites, etc.), Inverness, Loch Ness, and Stirling.
Switzerland & Italy-2017

Switzerland & Italy-2017 - Healthcare

Fall Trip - JJ

Global Health Organizations
October 14 to October 21
Dr. Elizabeth Krause

This travel course introduces students to international organizations focused on humanitarianism and global health, an interdisciplinary field exploring major health problems, interventions, and policies impacting the health status and well-being of all persons. We will spend several days in Geneva and then Milan, where we will meet with representatives of global health organizations such as the World Health Organization, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Red Cross. There will also be visits many museums, cathedrals, and other unique cultural and historical sites in both cities.