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Pre-Professional Program (P3)

Dedicated to your Success

The Pre-Professional Program (P3) is a rigorous, competitive program for students pursuing admission to professional schools after obtaining their undergraduate degrees.

Special Recognition

Receive recognition for your accomplishment and be awarded a distinctive graduation honor cord.

Letter of Evaluation

Request a letter of evaluation to be sent directly to professional schools.

Special Advising Sessions

Attend special advising sessions to receive specific feedback and recommendations for future career success.

Special Events

Gain access to special, targeted events for pre-professional students.

Students in the P3 program are provided a timeline of activities and recommendations to ensure they have built competitive profiles by their intended application date.

P3 Program Contacts

This program is being currently being offered only to Pre-Health professions including medical, dental, veterinary, physician assistant, optometry, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

photo of lauren albaum

Lauren Albaum, MEd

Director of Career Development
Health Professions & STEM Career Development Center