Junior Journey

Junior Journey


You have our guarantee…an education from Florida Southern will take you places!

Every new full-time undergraduate student* is guaranteed a domestic or foreign travel experience that enables each student to take a journey, exploring new geographic and intellectual areas.

At Florida Southern, we’re preparing you to make positive and important contributions to our increasingly globalized world. Because we believe experiencing and understanding new cultures are essential parts of that foundation, Florida Southern College guarantees all new full-time undergraduate students* a travel experience after the completion of at least four full semesters — often at no additional cost beyond your usual FSC tuition.

* Our Junior Journey policy requires all students to have been enrolled at least four full semesters before being eligible to use their accumulated Junior Journey funds.

As part of your Junior Journey, you might…

  • Study literature in London—complete with trips to the Tower of London and the Dickens House.
  • Gain firsthand business experience in Asia.
  • Work with underprivileged children in Costa Rica.
  • Attempt to crack the DaVinci Code while touring Paris and Rome.
  • Study marine life while snorkeling the coral reefs near Belize.
  • Research global health care while serving in a regional hospital on the island nation
    of St. Lucia.
  • Explore career possibilities at TV networks, ad agencies, and public relations firms
    in New York City.
  • Come experience a diversity of environments in beautiful Hawaii.

Each trip is offered for course credit. Led by Florida Southern faculty members, these trips are offered during May Term, Summer Term, and fall and spring breaks.

For a complete list of trips and to get started, visit the Office of Student Travel  


Our Current Trips


Australia and New Zealand

 Australia and New Zealand

May Trip - JJ

Australian and New Zealand Adventure
May 8 to May 25
Dr. Theresa MacNeil

This course is brimming with activities that expose students to the rich culture and history of Australia and New Zealand. Explore bustling Sydney and the wild beauty of Cairns, Australia, and come face to face with kangaroos and koalas, be immersed in Aboriginal music and dance, and spend the day diving the Great Barrier Reef. Then visit Rotorua and Aukland, New Zealand and be led by a Maori guide through the islands’ unique ecosystem and a Maori village, where students will experience Maori traditions and eat a Hangi dinner.


 China - Business

May Trip - JJ

Doing Business in China
May 7 to May 20
Dr. Rebecca Oliphant

Need permission from instructor. This course introduces students to China in a global context, challenging students to explore and discover China as a country both steeped in history but also as a growing dynamic market. The objective is to give students a vision of Cultural, Historical and Capitalist China while at the same time, an understanding of the real economic and business mechanisms of that part of the world. Our field experiences will focus on history, culture, religion and service in China and examine the role that gender plays. The trip includes visits to various companies and museums in Beijing and Xi’an, and tours of the Forbidden City, Olympic Village, and the Great Wall among many others.


 Vietnam - Political Science & Criminology

May Trip - JJ

Vietnam: The Past, Present and Future
May 7 to May 17
Drs. Carter & McHugh

This trip will be an in-person introduction to Vietnam, a country with a complex culture and political system influenced by Buddhist traditions, French colonization, Cold War interventions, and the modern global economy. You’ll explore the unique aspects of politics and culture with visits to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hue, the former imperial capital city. Discover events and locations that influenced current U.S foreign policy toward the country with excursions to museums and temples, including the War Remnants Museum and the Reunification Palace and take guided tours of the former capitals and visit the Floating Market in the Mekong Delta.

Caribbean / Latin America


 Bahamas - Ecology

Spring Trip - JJ

Tropical Ecology
March 6 to March 10
Dr. Kjellmark


British Virgin Islands

 British Virgin Islands

May Trip - JJ

Boat Tour of the British Virgin Islands
May 8 to May 14
Dr. Taylor

You’ll gain unprecedented access to the marine environment, both day and night, travelling by boat through the British Virgin Islands learning their colorful history as you visit areas that reflect the unique Spanish, English, French, Dutch, and Danish people that have inhabited the area over the past 300 hundred years. You’ll learn about coral reef biology snorkeling reefs in both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea and go ashore to explore secluded bays, the ruins of old sugar plantations, and uninhabited islands.


 Cancun - Business

Spring Trip - JJ

International Resort Business Models and Operations
March 4 to March 11
Dr. Chuck Duval

Students traveling to Cancun this Spring will learn about timeshare and membership resort business models as well as a first-hand understanding of their operations as we enjoy a stay in a luxurious, all-inclusive resort which stretches over half a mile of shoreline. As well as hosted excursions, students can partake in any number of exciting activities offered at the resort, nightly entertainment, and numerous restaurants and room service. Not a business major? Not a problem! This trip will be fun, interesting and informative no matter what you major.

Costa Rica

 Costa Rica - Ecology

May Trip - JJ

Costa Rican Service Learning
May 14 to May 21
Mr. Manning

This Junior Journey is a service-oriented and experiential learning trip where you will serve and connect with the people of Los Chiles, Costa Rica. There you will assist Agua Viva, A Florida-based clean water drilling company, drill clean water wells. In the evenings you will meet with the residents of Los Chiles, listening to their stories. You will also work with INA, an English language school, mentoring high school and college age students as they enhance their speaking, listening, and writing skills. The final day will be spent in at Arenal Volcano, a location where American tourism is high, to experience firsthand the difference in living conditions and the impact tourism and westernization has the life of Costa Ricans.

Costa Rica

 Costa Rica - English

Spring Trip - JJ

Environmental Rhetoric and Policy in Costa Rica
March 4 to March 12
Dr. Di Leo

Explore strategies for sustainability as you journey to Costa Rica's capital, coasts, and rainforests. Experience thermal hot springs, stroll through a cloud forest, zip-line through the canopy, and more as we engage and analyze the rhetorical arguments behind environmental conservation and the burgeoning ecotourism industry.


 Panama - Nursing

Spring Trip - JJ

Topics in Global Health Care
March 4 to March 12
Dr. Lyle

Need permission from instructor. Students will gain clinical and health science experiences in urban and rural settings in Espinar, Panama. You will enhance clinical skills with culturally diverse populations through clinical observation and service opportunities in collaboration with Hearts Cry Ministry, visiting clinics and orphanages focusing on assessment of health care needs and promotion of health and wellness. Planned excursions included walking tours of the city, a cruise on the Panama Canal, and a day at Safarick’s Rescue and Rehabilitation Zoo.

South Africa

 South Africa - Ecology

May Trip - JJ

South African Land and Sea Wildlife
May 11 to May 27
Prof. Bellanceau

Need permission from instructor. Have you always wanted to go on a safari or scuba dive an exotic reef in search of corals, whale sharks and manta rays? Well, this is your lucky day! Join us for our 2-week expedition in South Africa! We will spend a week in a bush camp in the Balule reserve on the edge of the Kruger Park, home to all major safari animals including rhinos, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, zebra and more! We will learn the basics of tracking skills and will help with the surveys of large game species, elephant impact and bird diversity. For the second week, we transfer to the marine site in Sodwana where we will be introduced to a variety of methods and practices used for scientific research in the marine environment. Scuba certification is part of the trip for those who aren’t already certified. We will learn to identify the species of fish, coral and other organisms found on the reef and issues surrounding the health of the ecosystem. *All students participating in this trip must be comfortable in the water and be able to swim – no exceptions.




Winter Trip

Alaska and the Northen Lights
December 15 to December 22
Dr. Malcolm Manners

Travel Anchorage to Fairbanks and back, visiting Denali State Park, Denali National Park, University of Alaska's Reindeer Research Farm, U.A.'s Museum of the North, and a large-animal conservation park. Night-time excursions to see the Northern Lights if the weather conditions allow it.

New York

 New York - Theater

May Trip - JJ

The Broadway Experience
May 9 to May 14
Prof. Albright

This is a great course for students interested in all aspects of professional theatre. Not only will you be able to see professional shows, meet and work with professional actors and technicians and tour the facilities, but also use your improvisational and social networking skills to video document the entire trip. You will get a feel for the city, exploring some of the neighborhoods, learning to use the subway, and meet some of our alumni who are working in the theatre. We’ll be seeing as many shows as possible in the week we are in New York.

New York

 New York - Art

Spring Trip - JJ

Art in New York
March 5 to March 11
Dr. Alexander Rich

New York City has been the epicenter of the art world since the middle of the 20th Century and remains the go-to destination to study art to this day. Throughout the five boroughs and beyond, the opportunity to immerse oneself in art history and the inner-workings of the art world in New York City is incomparable. Whether it be timeless works of art at MoMA or the Met, transient installations along the High Line, or a Broadway show in Times Square, this is the city where art past and present meet and where art history truly comes to life. It will be a thrilling whirlwind of a trip — and one in which you will get to experience the culture of New York City at its fullest.

Orlando, Florida

 Orlando, Florida

Fall Trip - JJ

What Would Walt Do? Lessons in Law and Leadership and Building a Kingdom
October 14 to October 21
Dr. Cindy Hardin

While touring the parks and engaging in discussion students will examine legal, management and marketing issues encountered daily by Walt Disney World theme park. Through two Disney-led leadership and team building workshops and behind-the-scene tours, students will learn how the “Disney” model for leadership and management success can empower them to be more effective leaders, creative problem solvers, skillful communicators and successful professionals.


Belgium & Netherlands

 Belgium & Netherlands - Criminology

Spring Trip - JJ

An Examination of Crime and Deviance, and Culture in the Netherlands and Belgium
March 4 to March 11
Drs. Carter & Blankenship

Interested in international crime, deviance, and punishment? Students traveling with Drs. Carter and Blankenship will begin their trip with several days in Amsterdam visiting art and history museums, including the Anne Frank house, to discover how cultural and historical events have shaped and influenced the ideas of deviant behavior, crime and punishment. In Hague, the seat of the U.N.’s International Court of Justice, you’ll spend the day visiting the Peace Palace and observe a hearing at the International Criminal Court as an introduction to the legislative and judicial branches of international government. Visit the breathtaking World Heritage Site that is Bruges, called by many the Venice of the North before ending your trip in Brussels, de facto capital of the European Union.

England & Scotland

 England & Scotland - Nursing

Spring Trip - JJ

Culture and Healthcare History
March 4 to March 11
Dr. Skelly

Students will gain clinical nursing and health science experiences in urban and historical-based settings in the capital cities of London and Edinburgh. Assess the current National Health Service system through observation and discussions with health care professionals and explore the foundations of nursing through visiting the Florence Nightingale Museum and the Wellcome Collection. Students will also tour historical and cultural sites and attractions such as the Tower of London, Hyde Park, Edinburgh Castle, and others on group tours and on their own.


 Germany - Political Science

May Trip - JJ

The Racial State
May 7 to May 27
Dr. Bruce Anderson

This course is designed to familiarize students with sites important the history of Nazi Germany during World War two. This trip covers two disparate elements and two separate and quite different sites: the Ravensbrueck KZ, near Furstenberg (Havel), Brandenburg, the only concentration camp specifically designed and housing women; and Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, which was to be the focus site of the new Nazi “religion”. The first aim is to familiarize students with the system of camps, their hierarchy and administration, and their use. We will stay “within the wire” at Ravensbrueck KZ, in the old SS accommodations for the matrons (which numbered among them Ilse Koch). Here, we will examine the camp in its three stages: as a detention camp and prison for women “social deviants”, political criminals, and religious offenders (chiefly Jehovah’s Witnesses); through its transition period of labor camp and industrial center, and through its final stages as a death camp. This section of the course will be team-taught by Dr. Anderson and Dr. Matthias Heyl, head of education at Ravensbrueck KZ. The second aim of the trip is to work through issues of displacement: Quedlinburg was a monastery and convent, founded by Henry the Fowler in about 900 AD. It was converted to Lutheranism in the 1500s, and sank into obscurity until rediscovered by Heinrich Himmler, who fancied himself a reincarnation of Henry. Himmler’s interest in the place was focused on making it a center for the new Nazi “religion”, a mish-mash of the occult, old “Nordic” myths, and nonsense of his own invention. Perhaps not incidentally, the ruins of the Langenstein-Zwieberge KZ are nearby: the dead from this camp were cremated at Quedlinburg’s city crematoria.


 Harlaxton - Communications

May Trip - JJ

Study Abroad at Harlaxton Manor
May 9 to June 2
Dr. William Allen

Study abroad in England for the May option! Students will stay at Harlaxton Manor with the chance to study Communications, Business, or Criminal Justice for the first three weeks, and then travel to around the United Kingdom the remainder of the trip. For more specific questions please contact the Office of Student Travel or Trip Director Prof. William Allen.


 Iceland - Physics

Winter Trip - JJ

The Physics of Iceland: Exploring Geysers, Geothermal Power and the Northern Lights
January 1 to January 8
Dr. Pepino

Need permission from instructor. Students will visit one of the world’s most majestic northern landscapes discovering how geothermal activity powers the country’s electric grid and the atomic process behind the Northern Lights. You will also bare witness to the energy of geysers as they escape the earth’s crust and soak in one of many geothermal heated pools after a day of exploring the mountains and waterfalls and glaciers. This will be an extraordinary week of exploring national parks, cultural, scientific, and political centers both ancient and modern, whale watching and, of course, the astounding Aurora Borealis.


 Italy - Mathematics

Spring Trip - JJ

The History of Math - Italian Style
March 4 to March 11
Dr. Serrano

Explore the history and lives of Italian mathematicians as you travel through the beauty cities of Italy. Start your journey in Venice with discussions of Fibonacci and Agnesi, before heading to Florence to see the stars as Galileo did, and ending in Rome to discover the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Study the mathematical discoveries and concepts that still influence our world with guided tours of legendary locations. No matter what your major, this will be an interesting, fun, and enlightening course!


 Italy - Music

May Trip - JJ

The Music of Florence and Italy
May 6 to May 13
Dr. Brink

Need permission from instructor. Florence was a center of great cultural, political, and artistic activity in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Its churches, palaces, and libraries serve as a rich depository of artwork, artifacts, and resources for one to understand music especially from the fourteenth through the seventeenth centuries. Students on this trip will explore through this course an overview of the music of Italy, Italian composers, and European composers who were active in Italy. Significant works will be presented and discussed. A constellation of historical songs and pieces will be studied and performed as highlights of Italian musical literature.

London - May

 London - May - Education

May Trip - JJ

Experiencing London
May 15 to May 25
Dr. Lori Rakes

Immerse yourself in various iterations of children’s literature representations, including art, film, and print by visiting libraries, museums, and other sites of interest including the Harry Potter sets! Independent and guided tours of London, Cambridge, and Oxford, will expose the history and culture of children’s literature and its relationship with society.

Paris, Amsterdam & Berlin

 Paris, Amsterdam & Berlin - Art

May Trip - JJ

Art and Photography in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin
May 8 to May 23
Dr. Rich

Travel back in time to the cultural heart of Europe, to three cities that are home to some of the most famous works of art and architecture in human history.  Explore the life, culture, and histories of Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin just as artists and art lovers have for centuries.  Visit the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles.  Cruise on the River Seine.  Bike along an Amsterdam canal.  Photograph the Berlin Wall, Mona Lisa, and Monet’s water lilies in his gardens in Giverny.   On this trip, you will literally walk in the footsteps of artists of the past and immerse yourself in the cultural lives of the cities where modern art and photography were born.


 Portugal - Economics

May Trip - JJ

Current Economic Events and the European Union
May 6 to May 14
Dr. Hall

Need permission from instructor. This course will explore the culture and economics of Portugal put into the broader context of the European Union. Portugal has a vibrant culture to discover as you tour the many historic and cultural sites of Lisbon and Porto, included St. George’s Castle and the National Panetheon. Gain understanding of the past, present and future of Portugal and the EU from distinguished speakers with a particular focus on current events emphasizing the impact of the financial crisis, immigration and refugee policies, and the effects of ‘Brexit.’ Guided trips to Sintra, Queluz, and a number of UNESCO listed sites will bring you a broader understanding on Portugal.

Scotland - May

 Scotland - May

May Trip - JJ

Sports in Scotland
May 6 to May 13
Dr. Nugent

Sports have played a central role in Scottish culture and society for hundreds of years. From the Highland Games, to rugby, to golf, and even ice hockey, the people of this great country have no shortage of sport to participate in. On this junior journey, in addition to visiting important cultural sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh, students will get a chance to visit and experience the sporting culture that has help make Scotland what it is today.


 Spain - Spanish Language and Culture

May Trip

Spanish Language Immersion
May 10 to June 8
Dr. Jose Garcia

Students will have the opportunity to study the Spanish language and culture at Proyecto Espanol located in the Mediterranean seaside city of Alicante, Spain while living with a host family during their stay. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various local tours and excursions to nearby towns such as Guadalest and a trip to Barcelona.


 Spain - Business

Winter Trip - JJ

Spain: Business, Cultural, and Historical Aspects
December 15 to December 23
Dr. Quilliam

Join Drs. Will Quilliam and Chuck DuVal on a wonderful tour of Spain during Winter break. Transportation, hotels, meals, and tours are all included. This trip will be interesting to you, no matter your major. We will have great cultural, business, historical, and educational experiences as you explore and discover the amazing museums, cathedrals and other sights unique to Madrid and Barcelona. You will receive one hour of academic credit. For more information, please contact us at wquilliam@flsouthern.edu.



Summer Trip - JJ

Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn
June 28 to July 12
Dr. David Mathias

The Haute Route is one of the world’s great classic hikes. Sometimes called Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn because of its start at the base of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France and its conclusion in Zermatt, Switzerland at the foot of the Matterhorn, the route covers approximately 100 miles amid the most beautiful views in Europe. Students will join Dr. Mathias, who lived in Switzerland for three years and has hiked extensively in this area, for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. To fit the trip into two weeks, we will join the route in Champex, Switzerland and hike to Zermatt over nine days, traversing several alpine valleys and numerous mountain passes along the way. Though we will not go above 3000m elevation, we will be surrounded by 4000m peaks and walk along glacial lakes; we will encounter cows in high mountain pastures and bouqetins (ibex) in their natural habitat; and we will hike in the shadows of some of the most storied mountains in the Alps. The terrain is varied but the views are uniformly stunning. Accommodations are simple, including hotels in small mountain villages and mountain cabins operated by the Swiss Alpine Club. The route is not dangerous but it is strenuous – students must have a high level of physical fitness. In addition to the hike, students will have a day to explore Zermatt and an afternoon along Lake Geneva.