Junior Journey

Junior Journey

You have our guarantee…an education from Florida Southern will take you places!

Every new full-time undergraduate student* is guaranteed a domestic or foreign travel experience that enables each student to take a journey, exploring new geographic and intellectual areas.

At Florida Southern, we’re preparing you to make positive and important contributions to our increasingly globalized world. Because we believe experiencing and understanding new cultures are essential parts of that foundation, Florida Southern College guarantees all new full-time undergraduate students* a travel experience after the completion of at least four full semesters — often at no additional cost beyond your usual FSC tuition.

* Our Junior Journey policy requires all students to have been enrolled at least four full semesters before being eligible to use their accumulated Junior Journey funds.

As part of your Junior Journey, you might…

  • Study literature in London—complete with trips to the Tower of London and the Dickens House.
  • Gain firsthand business experience in Asia.
  • Work with underprivileged children in Costa Rica.
  • Attempt to crack the DaVinci Code while touring Paris and Rome.
  • Study marine life while snorkeling the coral reefs near Belize.
  • Research global health care while serving in a regional hospital on the island nation
    of St. Lucia.
  • Explore career possibilities at TV networks, ad agencies, and public relations firms
    in New York City.
  • Come experience a diversity of environments in beautiful Hawaii.

Each trip is offered for course credit. Led by Florida Southern faculty members, these trips are offered during May Term, Summer Term, and fall and spring breaks.

For a complete list of trips and to get started, visit the Office of Student Travel  


Our Current Trips


  •  Australia and New Zealand - Science

    Australia and New Zealand

    May Trip - JJ

    Australian and New Zealand Adventure
    May 8 to May 25
    Dr. Theresa MacNeil

    This course is brimming with activities that expose students to the rich culture and history of Australia and New Zealand. Explore bustling Sydney and the wild beauty of Cairns, Australia, and come face to face with kangaroos and koalas, be immersed in Aboriginal music and dance, and spend the day diving the Great Barrier Reef. Then visit Rotorua and Aukland, New Zealand and be led by a Maori guide through the islands’ unique ecosystem and a Maori village, where students will experience Maori traditions and eat a Hangi dinner.

  •  Taiwan - Music


    May Trip - JJ

    Exploring Traditional Chinese Music, Arts & Culture
    May 10 to May 25
    Dr. Fen-Fang Chen

    "Must have permission from professor to enroll on this trip." Explore Chinese music though hands-on activities with the professional Chinese Orchestra (Taipei Chinese Orchestra), the college student orchestra (Chinese Culture University—Traditional Chinese Music Department), and Ju’s Percussion Group (professional percussion performance group). In addition, students will attend the concerts performed by these professional music groups. Students will also discover Taiwan by touring the entire island, enabling students to learn the various arts, culture, foods, and natural environment.

Caribbean / Latin America

  •  Argentina - Business


    Spring Trip - JJ

    Doing Business in South America
    March 5 to March 12
    Dr. Celina Jozsi & Dr. Silviana Falcon

    This course provides an unparalleled opportunity for our business students to gain both conceptual as well as practical knowledge related to trade, finance, management, accounting, and economic policy directly related to our ever increasing competitive global market place. This course is a valuable option both for the aspirants for jobs in the business world as well as those students seeking leadership positions in any setting.  Acquire knowledge of current events and concerns relevant to the South America by visiting major corporations and industries Buenos Aires. Montevideo, Coca Cola and HSBC Bank.

  •  Bermuda


    Spring Trip - JJ

    March 5 to March 11
    Dr. Malcolm Manners

    Visit forts, lighthouses, the old town of St. George and other sites intrinsic to the history of the island territory of Bermuda. Explore and experience various aspects of geography, history, politics and social life on the islands while gaining an understanding of the impact that native and invasive flora and fauna have on the people and environment.

  •  Cancun - Business


    Spring Trip - JJ

    International Resort Business Models and Operations
    March 5 to March 12
    Dr. Chuck Duval

    Students traveling to Cancun this Spring will learn about timeshare and membership resort business models as well as a first-hand understanding of their operations as we enjoy a stay in a luxurious, all-inclusive resort which stretches over half a mile of shoreline. As well as hosted excursions, students can partake in any number of exciting activities offered at the resort, nightly entertainment, and numerous restaurants and room service. Not a business major? Not a problem! This trip will be fun, interesting and informative no matter what you major.

  •  Costa Rica - Ecology

    Costa Rica

    May Trip - JJ

    Costa Rican Wildlife Adventure
    May 9 to May 17
    Dr. Gabriel Herrick

    This course will allow students to gain first-hand experiences in the Costa Rican rainforest, cloud forest, as well as coastal and marine ecosystems. Enjoy swimming in waterfall-fed pools, snorkeling in the ocean, wildlife excursions and tasting of native plants. Hike through the hills, lush rainforests and beaches of the Osa Peninsula and venture out at night in search of nocturnal creatures. As a service learning opportunity rounds out the trip, students will have a meaningful, fun and educational exploration of Costa Rica.

  •  Costa Rica - Winter - Education

    Costa Rica - Winter

    Winter Trip - JJ

    Costa Rica - A Close Look at Diverse Education
    January 4 to January 11
    Dr. Bernardo Blanco

    Students on this trip will explore the organization of communities and school systems in rural Costa Rica. This service learning trip will immerse our students within the local classrooms observing and preparing them to teach English to Costa Rican students. We will visit rural area schools in the Province of Guanacaste Nandayure and/or Tilaran. We will also visit two working plantations to ascertain what education might be needed to assist help them produce a better margin in their trading of products. Students will have some time in San Jose to shop as we prepare our return to FSC.

  •  Cuba - Ecology


    Spring Trip - JJ

    Cultural Importance of the Natural Ecosystems
    March 5 to March 12
    Dr. Gabriel Herrick

    Take a trip few Americans have been able to experience! Travel through Cuba, visiting sites of cultural importance (Old Havana, traditional aboriginal sites, the colonial city of Trinidad), and natural areas including Las Terrazas -a UNESCO biosphere reserve- and snorkeling, hiking, and swimming in waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture and history and explore the influences Cuba’s natural resources have had on shaping its history and future.

  •  Galapagos - Biology


    Spring Trip

    The Galapagos Islands Field Study
    March 5 to March 13
    Celina Bellanceau

    Prerequisite: BIO 1500 or permission of instructor. Giant tortoises, iridescent finches, a surreal volcanic landscape, and rich waters teeming with wildlife – nothing inspires the soul quite like time spent in the Galapagos Islands. Be immersed in and experience the interactions between species and their environment first hand in this incredible field study. Learn about the plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians and the role they play in this unique tropical ecosystem while participating in research on “vulnerable” Galapagos Tortoises.


  •  Hawaii - Ecology


    May Trip - JJ

    Hawaiian Wildlife, Volcanoes, and Volunteering
    May 10 to May 23
    Prof. Celina Bellanceau

    Join us and discover why Hawaii is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth! Visit rivers, coral reefs, volcanoes, national parks, marine sanctuaries and cultural areas during this exciting trip through Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. Discover the amazing abundance that Hawaii’s ecosystems, culture, geology and history provide through hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking, and expert guides in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – home of some of the most active volcanoes on the planet. Gain multiple service hours as we take part in multiple opportunities in land management and cultural preservation.

  •  New York - Art

    New York

    Spring Trip - JJ

    Art in New York
    March 6 to March 12
    Dr. Alexander Rich

    New York City has been the epicenter of the art world since the middle of the 20th Century and remains the go-to destination to study art to this day. Throughout the five boroughs and beyond, the opportunity to immerse oneself in art history and the inner-workings of the art world in New York City is incomparable. Whether it be timeless works of art at MoMA or the Met, transient installations along the High Line, or a Broadway show in Times Square, this is the city where art past and present meet and where art history truly comes to life. It will be a thrilling whirlwind of a trip — and one in which you will get to experience the culture of New York City at its fullest.


  •  Belgium & France - History

    Belgium &  France

    May Trip - JJ

    The Great War on the Western Front
    May 11 to May 23
    Dr. Erika Vause & Dr. Colleen Moore

    Familiarize yourself with the one of the largest turning points in 20th century European and world history through visits to World War I battlefields, memorials, and museums in Belgium and France. Throughout this 14 day trip through Ypres, Amiens, Paris, and other cities and towns, discover the lasting effect the war has had on European history and culture identity and explore the roles that nationalism, imperialism, religion, and gender have played in the creation of monuments and memorials. Guided and independent tours will expose the various approaches to commemorating the war and the challenges associated with preserving historical memory.

  •  England - Education


    May Trip - JJ

    Experiencing London
    May 9 to May 19
    Prof. Rebecca Powell & Dr. Lori Rakes

    "Must have permission from professor to enroll on this trip." Immerse yourself in various iterations of children’s literature representations, including art, film, and print by visiting libraries, museums, and other sites of interest including the Harry Potter sets! Independent and guided tours of London, Cambridge, Oxford, and Dublin will expose the history and culture of children’s literature and its relationship with society. Additionally, Dr. Jenifer Schneider, Childhood Literacy Education professor at USF, will host a private lecture while in Dublin.

  •  England - Business


    May Trip - JJ

    Doing Business In England
    May 7 to May 14
    Dr. Celina Jozsi & Dr. Silviana Falcon

    This course provides an unparalleled opportunity for our business students to gain both conceptual as well as practical knowledge related to trade, finance, management, accounting, and economic policy directly related to our ever increasing competitive global market place. This course is a valuable option both for the aspirants for jobs in the business world as well as those students seeking leadership positions in any setting.  Acquire knowledge of current events and concerns relevant to the United Kingdom and its relation with the European Union by visiting major corporations and industries like Mini-Cooper, Lloyds, and the BBC.

  •  England - Nursing


    Spring Trip - JJ

    Topics in Global Health Care
    March 6 to March 16
    Dr. Teresa Lyle

    Students will gain clinical nursing and health science experiences in urban and historical-based settings in the capitol city of London. Assess the current National Health Service system through observation and discussions with health care professionals and explore the foundations of nursing at the Florence Nightingale Museum. Students will also tour historical and cultural sites and attractions such as the Tower of London, Hyde Park, Westminster, and others on group tours and on their own.

  •  Europe - Art


    May Trip

    Essence of Europe
    May 9 to May 27
    Dr. Sam Romero

    The Essence of Europe trip is led by Professor Sam Romero. Students will sign up for a photography course and adventure through 5 European countries and several cities for 3 weeks. The trip starts off in Germany where you will visit sites such as the Heidelberg Castel, Olympic Stadium and the neo-Gothic Neues Rathaus. We will also stay in Rome, Venice and Florence, Italy. You will take tours of Vatican City, the Colosseum, and walk along the Venetian canals. The Swiss Alps will provide amazing vistas before heading to Paris, France. From Paris, you will take a Eurostar train to London and take a trip out to Stonehenge and Bath. This is only a portion of what’s included in this trip. Check out the full itinerary for more info. All breakfasts and dinners are included in the cost of the trip.

  •  France - French


    Summer Trip

    French Language Immersion
    June 23 to July 24
    Dr. James Beck

    This program is designed to test and place students at appropriate levels in a French immersion program, to begin or continue their instruction in the acquisition of the French language via coursework administered by native French speakers on the faculty at the Centre International des Etudes Françaises. Students will learn and/or develop the basics of speaking, listening, reading and writing French in daily classes in Angers and reinforced with excursions to points of interest in Angers and Paris including the Notre Dame, Versailles, and Chateaux de la Loire.

  •  France and Italy - Chemistry & Communications

    France and Italy

    May Trip

    The Science of Scent
    May 28 to June 14
    Dr. An-Phong Le & Dr. Samara Anarbaeva

    You must have permission from professor to sign up for this trip. Travel to the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, France, visiting perfume museums and factories. Get first-hand experience with creating perfume scents by exploring the science behind olfaction and the molecular bases for scents. Learn the historical and current trends of the fragrance industry in both France and Italy before designing your own custom fragrance and marketing it to target audiences. Class begins May 11th-May 27th.

  •  Germany - History


    May Trip

    The Racial State
    May 9 to May 28
    Dr. Bruce Anderson

    This course is designed to familiarize students with sites important the history of Nazi Germany during World War two. This trip covers two disparate elements and two separate and quite different sites: the Ravensbrueck KZ, near Furstenberg (Havel), Brandenburg, the only concentration camp specifically designed and housing women; and Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, which was to be the focus site of the new Nazi “religion”. The first aim is to familiarize students with the system of camps, their hierarchy and administration, and their use. We will stay “within the wire” at Ravensbrueck KZ, in the old SS accommodations for the matrons (which numbered among them Ilse Koch). Here, we will examine the camp in its three stages: as a detention camp and prison for women “social deviants”, political criminals, and religious offenders (chiefly Jehovah’s Witnesses); through its transition period of labor camp and industrial center, and through its final stages as a death camp. This section of the course will be team-taught by Dr. Anderson and Dr. Matthias Heyl, head of education at Ravensbrueck KZ. The second aim of the trip is to work through issues of displacement: Quedlinburg was a monastery and convent, founded by Henry the Fowler in about 900 AD. It was converted to Lutheranism in the 1500s, and sank into obscurity until rediscovered by Heinrich Himmler, who fancied himself a reincarnation of Henry. Himmler’s interest in the place was focused on making it a center for the new Nazi “religion”, a mish-mash of the occult, old “Nordic” myths, and nonsense of his own invention. Perhaps not incidentally, the ruins of the Langenstein-Zwieberge KZ are nearby: the dead from this camp were cremated at Quedlinburg’s city crematoria.

  •  Greece - Medicine


    Spring Trip - JJ

    Evolution in Sports Medicine
    March 5 to March 13
    Prof. Sue Stanley-Green

    A weeklong field experience dedicated to the study of the development of sports medicine and designed to explore the clinical practices employed by medical professionals to treat and rehabilitate sports related injuries. Beginning in Athens and traveling to locations such as Mycenae, Delphi, and the International Olympic Academy students will understand the evolution and significance of sports medicine from ancient times to the modern day. Study abroad and experience Greek culture, old and new, while learning first-hand about the foundations of sports medicine!

  •  HARLAXTON - Bus/Com/Criminal Justice


    May Trip

    Study Abroad at Harlaxton Manor
    May 8 to June 3
    Dr. William Allen, Dr. Lisa Carter and Dr. Will Quilliam

    Study abroad in England for the May option! Students will stay at Harlaxton Manor with the chance to study Communications, Business, or Criminal Justice for the first three weeks, and then travel around the United Kingdom the remainder of the trip. For more specific questions please contact the Office of Student Travel or Trip Director Prof. William Allen.

  •  Ireland


    May Trip - JJ

    Historic Significance of Ireland
    May 8 to May 14
    Dr. Alex Ortiz

    Over the course of a week, students will visit attractions and sites of cultural and historical significance to Ireland and Northern Ireland. In Dublin students will St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Phoenix Park, Trinity College and more with a local guide. Heading north to Belfast visit Causey Farm and take an excursion to the Giant’s Causeway. Once in Belfast, a local expert will aide in the exploration of the Lower Falls, Skankhill Row, and the political murals strewn throughout the streets.

  •  Israel - Religion


    Spring Trip - JJ

    Historic Journey Back to Biblical Times
    March 5 to March 13
    Dr. Theresa MacNeil

    This course is jam-packed with activities that will allow students to gain insight into the culture and history of Israel, as well as learn about ancient biblical times. Travel to sites of historical and cultural importance such as Tel Aviv, Mount of Olives, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and many other famous sites. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in this incredible experience.

  •  London - Winter - Education

    London - Winter

    Winter Trip - JJ

    Experiencing London
    January 4 to January 11
    Dr. Malcolm Manners

    Travel to London England, to see the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, the Royal Observatory at Greenwich (which defines our concept of longitude and time of day around the world), and many other historically important and famous sites. Includes a day trip to Stonehenge and surrounding ancient sites.

  •  Mediterranean - History


    May Trip - JJ

    Encompassing the History of the Mediterranean Sea
    May 29 to June 13
    Ms. Lauren Bennett

    "Must have permission from professor to enroll on this trip." This course will explore some of the most important locations of the ancient Mediterranean by embarking on a 12-day Mediterranean voyage. Beginning in Barcelona, Spain, we will sail toward a remarkable series of European cities with stops in Pisa, Florence, Istanbul, and the Greek island of Mykonos among others, visiting archaeological sites and other sites of historic significance.

  •  Spain - Spanish Language and Culture


    May Trip

    Spanish Language Immersion
    May 10 to June 8
    Dr. Jose Garcia

    Students will have the opportunity to study the Spanish language and culture at Proyecto Espanol located in the Mediterranean seaside city of Alicante, Spain while living with a host family during their stay. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various local tours and excursions to nearby towns such as Guadalest and a trip to Barcelona.

  •  Switzerland


    Summer Trip - JJ

    Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn
    July 2 to July 16
    Dr. David Mathias

    Permission needed from Instructor to enroll in this trip. The Haute Route is one of the world’s great classic hikes. Sometimes called Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn because of its start at the base of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France and its conclusion in Zermatt, Switzerland at the foot of the Matterhorn, the route covers approximately 100 miles amid the most beautiful views in Europe. Students will join Dr. Mathias, who lived in Switzerland for three years and has hiked extensively in this area, for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. To fit the trip into two weeks, we will join the route in Champex, Switzerland and hike to Zermatt over nine days, traversing several alpine valleys and numerous mountain passes along the way. Though we will not go above 3000m elevation, we will be surrounded by 4000m peaks and walk along glacial lakes; we will encounter cows in high mountain pastures and bouqetins (ibex) in their natural habitat; and we will hike in the shadows of some of the most storied mountains in the Alps. The terrain is varied but the views are uniformly stunning. Accommodations are simple, including hotels in small mountain villages and mountain cabins operated by the Swiss Alpine Club. The route is not dangerous but it is strenuous – students must have a high level of physical fitness. In addition to the hike, students will have a day to explore Zermatt and an afternoon along Lake Geneva.