Departments of Arts & Sciences


—Arts & Sciences


Covering a wide range of disciplines in the arts and sciences, 17 academic departments and a growing number of interdisciplinary programs offer both students and faculty tremendous opportunities to pursue their academic interests in environments of teaching and research excellence.

Art & Art History

Art and Art History Department

Spivey Fine Arts Center (H)
863.680.4743 (phone) | 863.680.3758 (fax)

Whether you enjoy painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, or sculpture, the Department of Art and Art History offers you the chance to explore your creative interests. You will delve into your artistic passions and explore new areas and techniques as you learn from your peers and the great masters of the past. We will prepare you for a future as an artist, curator, or even an educator.


Biology Department

Polk County Science Building (PS)
863.680.4316 (phone) | 863.680.3970 (fax)

Using mathematics, chemistry, physics, and geology as their foundation, biologists unravel the mysteries of life. Guided by our outstanding faculty, you’ll investigate the answers to scientific questions through observation and experimentation. The Biology Department prepares students for professional programs in medical, dental, physical therapy, and veterinary school.

Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics

Chemistry and Physics Department

Polk Science Building (PS)
863.680.4316 (phone) | 863.680.3970 (fax)

The study of matter—and how it’s created, changed and manipulated—is among the most fascinating and fast-paced majors at FSC. Charged with finding solutions to today’s most challenging problems in health, materials, and energy usage, chemists and physicists are responsible for some of the most exciting and profound discoveries of modern times.


Horticultural Science Department

Jack M. Berry Citrus Building (C)
863.680.4743 (phone) | 863.680.3758 (fax)

Whether you’re interested in becoming a leader in agriculture or would like to manage recreational complexes, our horticulture programs will prepare you to be successful in the industry. Our strong science-based academic programs incorporate business courses coupled with field trips, and along with professional internships, prepare you for exciting, challenging, and high-paying jobs.


Communication Department

Chatlos Building (CC)
863.680.4168 (phone) | 863.680.4244 (fax)

The ability to communicate is an essential skill to succeed in today’s global market and to interact with the mass media. The Communication Department prepares students for careers in a variety of communication professions including journalism, advertising, public relations, and television. Students will develop valuable writing, public speaking, and research skills necessary for a successful future in industry and education.


Criminology Department

Ordway Building (O)
863.680.4268 (phone) | 863.680.3866 (fax)

Pick up any newspaper, read any news magazine, or just watch television for a few hours and you soon realize how crime, delinquency, and social problems permeate American society. In the Criminology Department, you’ll accept the challenge of studying and ultimately helping shape society’s behavior by identifying problems and issues, analyzing them, and, most importantly, looking for solutions.


English Department

Christoverson Humanities Bldg. (IH)
863.680.4220 (phone) | 863.680.4147 (fax)

For writers, readers, and those passionate about the written word, English will prepare you to think, write, and read critically. Our program, grounded in the liberal arts tradition, gives you both a broad foundation in literary studies as well as concentrated study in an area of your choice. With your degree in English, you will graduate to a world of opportunities and advancement for a career in copywriting, literature studies, or editor to name a few and graduate school. 

History & Political Science

History and Political Science Department

Ordway Building (O)
863.680.4294 (phone) | 863.680.6407 (fax)

Covering a wide range of cultures, social issues, and government practices and policies, the Department of History and Political Science will provide you with an in-depth understanding of how cultures form, develop, and function. Along with traditional courses, hands-on learning is highly encouraged.  Our students participate in exciting internships and conduct independent research.  The Department of History and Political Science offers personal attention while preparing students for careers in government service, law, journalism, and teaching. It not only provides students with a solid foundation for graduate studies or law school, but also for a life of active citizenship.

Mathematics & Computer Science

Mathematics and Computer Science Department

Polk Science Building (PS)
863.680.4316 (phone) | 863.680.3970 (fax)

From statistics to calculus and from data structures to software engineering, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science provides students with the skills to pursue mathematics and technology in every aspect of society. In addition to providing a sound theoretical base, our coursework includes many practical applications, including collaborative problem solving, service learning, and real-world group projects. Whether you plan to continue your education or pursue a career in technology, you’ll have the best preparation for a successful future.

Military Science & Leadership

Military Science and Leadership Department

Military Science (MS)
863.680.4235 (phone) | 863.680.4239 (fax)

For those who enjoy adventure, excitement, and the chance to truly make a difference, FSC’s Moccasin Battalion will prepare you for a leadership role in the service. Through the Department of Military Science and Leadership, you will gain the experience necessary to be an officer in the military. Upon graduation you may choose to pursue a career on active duty, in the Army Reserve, or in the National Guard.

Modern Languages

Modern Languages Department

Christoverson Humanities Building (CH)
863.680.4743 (phone) | 863.680.3758 (fax)

Hola! Bonjour! Olá! Guten Tag! مرحبا 你好 The Department of English & Modern Languages offers courses in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, and Arabic. Instruction revolves around creating a fundamental comprehension of the spoken language leading toward a more thorough knowledge of conversation and composition. Language proficiency will prove valuable to you in any future career.


Music Department

Music Addition Building (MA)
863.680.4229 (phone) | 863.680.4395 (fax)

For those with a love for music, performing, and composition, the Department of Music will give you the foundation you need to succeed in the music industry. From the history of music to ear training and performance, music majors will learn the theory and practice of this performing art. A major in music will prepare you to continue your education in a performance niche or to begin a career on the stage sharing your love of music with others.


Psychology Department

Ordway Building (O)
863.680.4303 (phone) | 863.680.3866 (fax)

Is people-watching one of your favorite pastimes? Do you enjoy analyzing the actions of others? As a student in the Psychology Department, you’ll explore the connection between the thought process and the behavior of humans as they interact with their environment. Whether you choose to work with others or to pursue a career in research, the field of psychology offers many opportunities for graduates.

Religion & Philosophy

Religion and Philosophy Department

Edge Hall (E)
863.680.4180 (phone) | 863.680.4357 (fax)

Examine Christianity, as well as other religious and philosophical traditions by questioning and testing long held beliefs. On this exciting intellectual journey, we always respect your beliefs, while seeking to instill respect for the beliefs of others. In the Department of Religion & Philosophy we engage you in Socratic experience with lots of dialogue, conversations, and free-wheeling debates to answer the questions you have. Majors are prepared for careers with a strong focus on critical thinking and writing, as well as continuing their education in theologian school.

Theatre Arts and Dance

Theatre Arts Department

Buckner Theatre (BT)
863.680.4226 (phone) | 863.680.4457 (fax)

There’s an alluring magic about the theatre. But only those who perform on stage and behind-the-scenes truly understand how much talent, discipline, and perseverance it takes to create something special. The Theatre Arts Department trains students for a theatre career, whether as a performer on Broadway, a scenery designer for community theatre, or a teacher of young talents.