Schools & Divisions

Barney Barnett School of Business

Barney Barnett School of Business & Free Enterprise

FSC’s Barnett School of Business & Free Enterprise offers you a comprehensive education by fully integrating business classes with relevant trends. This ultimately prepares students for success in today’s dynamic and constantly evolving business world.

School of Arts and Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences

As FSC’s largest school, The School of Arts & Sciences offers more than 35 majors and provides the foundations of a liberal arts education for all FSC students.

School of Education

School of Education

If making a difference in the lives of others is important to you, FSC’s School of Education offers degree programs in elementary, secondary, art, and music education. By working in public school classrooms with real students and teachers, you will learn how to use your knowledge, skills, and competencies to manage a class.

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

School of Nursing & Health Sciences

If you wish to enhance the lives of patients through a career in health care, be a part of FSC’s highly accredited School of Nursing & Health Sciences. Our School of Nursing & Health Sciences provides a holistic education by combining understanding of the liberal arts and sciences with theoretical knowledge and clinical experience.

Adult and Graduate Education

Adult & Graduate Education

FSC allows you to take charge of your continuing education with our convenient Adult & Graduate Education programs. Our faculty will work closely with you to create an educational plan that fits into your many responsibilities and life priorities.