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Discover the resources to enrich mind, body and spirit as you work toward your goals for college, career and life.

Adult & Graduate students enjoy all of Florida Southern’s facilities, services and activities.

Career Center

Career Center

Advisors will help line up internships, hone your résumé, interview and job-seeking skills, and provide networking opportunities and valuable connections with the business community. | Explore the Career Center  

Student Services

Student Services

Convenient connections to everything from financial aid and campus orientation to academic support, disability services and the campus ministry.

Wellness Center

Wellness &
Fitness Center

The Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center is home to state-of-the-art fitness facilities, lifestyle coaching and nutritional programs, a gymnasium, tennis courts, an aquatics facility and more. Activities include intramural sports, outdoor recreation, and group exercise classes from aerobics to yoga to Zumba. | Explore the Wellness Center  

What to do

What To Do

Florida Southern is a community with a rich cultural life brimming with music, visual arts, theater, lectures, readings, and festivals. The arts enrich the lives of everyone on campus and in the Lakeland community.


Library and Archives

A comprehensive range of research and information resources that go well beyond reference books to include digital collections, special collections and more. | Explore the Library and Archives  

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Access to the latest computers and software as well as the support you need to make the most of them. | Explore Information Services  



Our campus has a strong reputation as a stable, safe environment that enhances the quality of student life, and makes FSC an outstanding place to learn and work. 24/7 safety programs include campus patrols, available security escorts and transmitters. | Explore more about Campus Safety  

“The campus is absolutely beautiful. The activities are tailored for both traditional and non-traditional students which made it easy for me to become involved in the Florida Southern community.”

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