Treating dyslexia one child at a time

Treating dyslexia
one child at a time

About the Academy

From the moment we opened our doors in the fall of 2010, The Roberts Academy has worked diligently to fulfill our mission to prepare talented students with dyslexia to achieve academic success through dynamic educational programs.

As the first transitional school for children with dyslexia in the state of Florida and one of only a few comprehensive schools for such students in the United States, The Roberts Academy provides a full complement of academic programs, as well as support and training for parents and teachers of students with dyslexia.

Students experiencing difficulty in their current schools can attend The Roberts Academy in grades 2–8 until they have mastered the skills to accommodate their learning differences and are fully prepared to succeed in a traditional school setting.

Dyslexia is the most common cause of reading, writing, and spelling difficulties and can lead to extreme frustration and low self-esteem. Often gifted in many ways, children with dyslexia can face a constellation of learning difficulties. The good news is that dyslexia is treatable through a specialized learning method called the Orton-Gillingham Approach

The Academy’s small classes, with their 12:1 Elementary student/teacher ratio and 15:1 Middle School student/teacher ratio; dynamic, personalized instruction; and access to a broad array of the College’s teaching and learning resources, will enable students to develop a strong foundation in language, reading, and mathematics and stimulate their excitement for learning.

In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities of the Roberts Academy, students have access to the rich resources of the Florida Southern campus for innovative learning opportunities. Students benefit from science and computer labs, music facilities, art studios, a comprehensive library, and sports facilities. They experience adventure field trips and are mentored not only by their committed and caring teachers, but also by the Florida Southern education majors who provide one-to-one assistance in each classroom. Capping off the entire Roberts Academy experience is the opportunity for each student to work with the Florida Southern Archivist to create a personal archive project chronicling their learning journey.

Consistent Progress
Many parents recognize immediate progress in their child—often within the first week of school. Students regularly report an instant sense of belonging and of being “understood” by classmates and teachers—a revelation that significantly reduces emotional stress, leaving students free to focus on learning. Exposure to new and different teaching methods often leads to early successes that help build a new foundation of confidence in students.
Your child’s academic progress will not be based solely on standardized tests, as it would be in many public schools. Other methods of evaluation, such as overall grade-point average, classroom test scores, quizzes, and relative improvement are given equal weight, providing a more accurate picture of your child’s success.

To learn more about The Roberts Academy, dyslexia, and the enrollment process, please contact us and/or attend one of our upcoming open houses.

Our Story

The Roberts Academy was made possible through a generous donation from Lakeland civic leaders and philanthropists Hal and Marjorie Roberts, who previously provided funding to establish and endow the Roberts Center for Learning and Literacy.

The Roberts family saw how the right learning environment transformed the lives of their grandchildren and wanted to make similar resources available to talented children with dyslexia in Central Florida.

Read more about the Roberts’ generous gift and their commitment to helping talented children with dyslexia.

Opening Day

First Day of School!
Both parents and students are excited to enter FSC’s new Roberts Academy for the first time. | See photos»