Photo: Tracey D. Tedder, Ed.D.

Tracey D. Tedder, Ed.D.

Dr. Tracey Tedder is Dean of the School of Education at Florida Southern College and head of The Roberts Academy.

In that capacity, she is responsible for the educational leadership and quality of the College’s highly respected Education program. It offers undergraduate, evening, and graduate degrees, as well as the Preschool and Kindergarten Lab School, The Roberts Center for Learning and Literacy, and The Roberts Academy, the first transitional school for talented children with dyslexia in the state of Florida. Dr. Tedder brings to her role at Florida Southern a strong academic background in educational leadership, elementary education, and early childhood education, and extensive experience as both a classroom teacher and school administrator.

Dr. Tedder earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership at the University of South Florida, and her Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education degrees from St. Leo College. She is a State of Florida Certified Teacher in both Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a State of Florida Certified Administrator in Educational Leadership. Her research and scholarly work have focused on educational leadership issues and their impact on improving student FCAT scores and on the effectiveness of child study teams and intervention assistance teams at the elementary school level.

Dr. Tedder has taught at the college level for many years. Prior to that, she was an assistant principal and elementary school teacher in the Polk County Schools, where she was consistently recognized for the quality of her teaching.