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Orientation Leaders

Advice from Orientation Leaders

Connect with your orientation leader. Orientation Leaders are an integral part of the new student orientation program. As part of a team of students, Orientation Leaders help new freshmen and transfer students form connections and transition into the FSC community. Orientation Leaders are students who simply love FSC and are excited to welcome new students to campus.

kalin abernathy

Kalin Abernathy

Major: Economics and Finance

Home Town: St. Cloud, FL

Be open to new opportunities, start orientation off with a "yes attitude", and get excited for college!

gabby abramek

Gabby Abramek

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Cumberland, RI

Be optimistic about your first weeks on campus, there's no need to be nervous! When it comes to classes, be super organized and make sure you work ahead of your due dates. Lastly, have fun, college is not just about working hard, but making memories!!

abby almond

Abby Almond

Major: Theatre Arts

Home Town: Lithia, FL

Don't worry about being judged!  Everyone is still trying to figure out who they are.

liv anderson

Liv Anderson

Major: Music Education

Home Town: Sayville, NY

Come with an open mind!

ellen angersbach

Ellen Angersbach

Major: Economics and Finance, Psychology

Home Town: Marco Island, FL

Get involved in as much as you can!  Try new things and put yourself in the position to meet new people as much as possible.  Make the most out of every bit of your time here, it goes by too fast!

steven badorf

Steven Badorf

Major: Communication: Advertising and Public Relations, Business Administration

Home Town: Amelia Island, FL

Come in with an open mind and take advantage of all the resources you have here on campus.  Everyone at FSC wants to make sure that your transition to college is as smooth as possible, so don't be afraid to meet new people and ask questions!  Orientation is a great time to form connections with people that will last far into the future.

lucas blackwell

Lucas Blackwell

Major: Criminology, Film

Home Town: Melbourne Beach, FL

Get involved!  Explore what you are passionate about and through your participation in the FSC community you will be able to create memories and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

leah blevins

Leah Blevins

Major: Musical Theatre

Home Town: Jackson, MS

Get excited!! You're coming into the best four years of your life!  Don't be afraid to meet new people or try something new because you never know what might happen.

connor bligh

Connor Bligh

Major: Business Administration, Economics and Finance

Home Town: Naples, FL

Get involved!  It's a great way to meet new people and find new interests.

delaney bookhardt

Delaney Bookhardt

Major: Elementary Education

Home Town: Orlando, FL

Get involved as much as you can, get out of your comfort zone and meet as many people as you can!

morgan bruewer

Morgan Bruewer

Major: Musical Theatre, Communication: Multimedia Journalism

Home Town: Cape Coral, FL

Don't be scared!  Coming to Florida Southern College was the best choice I could have ever made!  This campus is more than a school, it's home.

kailey buczek

Kailey Buczek

Major: Exercise Science

Home Town: Langhorne , PA

Get involved in clubs, organizations, and activities you might be interested in.  Trying something new is never a bad idea!  It's always going to be a learning experience!

avery bunch

Avery Bunch

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Wauchula, FL

Be optimistic and make the most of the situation, you never know the people you will meet or the connections you will make.

elisa clark

Elisa Clark

Major: Elementary Education

Home Town: Arcadia, FL

Go to as many events as you can!  The best way to form your own community is to sign up for as many clubs as possible - you don't have to commit to going every week.  Lastly, don't forget to take time for yourself - there are many serene locations on campus!

taylor colbert

Taylor Colbert

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Valrico, FL

Never give up on your dreams and aspirations!  You will encounter obstacles, but the hard work you put in and your determination will help you reach your goal!

avery cooksey

Avery Cooksey

Major: Nursing

Home Town: St. Augustine, FL

Enjoy your time as a Florida Southern student!  Time goes by so fast, and you only get 4 years here.  Be involved and don't be afraid to meet new people!

kenzie council

Kenzie Council

Major: Communication: Multimedia Journalism

Home Town: Ruskin, FL

My advice would be to get involved with campus activities.  It is so easy to get involved and there are so many fun things to do here, especially within your major!!

zach covell

Zach Covell

Major: Theatre Arts: Performance

Home Town: Cape Cod , MA

Once you have your schedule down, push yourself into things, especially with all the opportunities on campus.  College is a time for growth, so really try and find a new skill, hobby, or job.  FSC has a lot to offer, but so does Lakeland, so look for options (it's also a great way to meet new people)!

mary elizabeth craine

Mary Elizabeth Craine

Major: English: Writing

Home Town: Orlando , FL

Get involved in any campus organization or activity that interests you!  There is something for everyone, and it will make your experience so much more meaningful.  It's also a really great way to meet people with similar goals and interests!

lani crowell

Lani Crowell

Major: Graphic Design

Home Town: Spring Hill, FL

Get out there and have fun!  Be involved, it's worth it!  You'll make great memories and friends! :)

carmen curnell

Carmen Curnell

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Allen Park , MI

Come in with an open mind.  Florida Southern is a place where you will grow in so many areas and learn who you are.  This place is amazing!

kiana dodson

Kiana Dodson

Major: Business Administration

Home Town: Sarasota, FL

Don't be afraid to get involved with different organizations!  It is a great way to make new connections and is also a great opportunity to help organize cool events on campus!  Your college experience is what you make it, so take advantage of your time here at FSC!

kayla dumon

Kayla Dumon

Major: Exercise Science

Home Town: Citrus Springs, FL

NEVER be afraid to Fail and ALWAYS embrace and trust the process that comes along with being a college student.

sierra dye

Sierra Dye

Major: Marine Biology

Home Town: Jacksonville, FL

Get involved as much as you can!  This will allow you to meet so many people and learn more about the campus.

kelsey elmhorst

Kelsey Elmhorst

Major: Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Advertising and Public Relations

Home Town: Lakeland, FL

Get involved!  It's the best way to meet new people and find clubs that interest you!

sebastian fernandez-mendoza

Sebastian Fernandez-Mendoza

Major: Business Administration

Home Town: Syracuse, NY

Having trouble making friends?  The best opening line is: "Hey, I love your shirt!"  It works every time.

colby firestone

Colby Firestone

Major: Business Administration

Home Town: Hershey, PA

1. Get as involved as possible!  The more you put in, the more you get out of your experience at FSC!  2. Reach out to administration and faculty as a resource!  Everyone working at FSC wants you to succeed.  3. Be mindful of everyone coming from different backgrounds.  Say hi, stay vulnerable, and make some friends

delaney flowers

Delaney Flowers

Major: Secondary Education: Social Science/History

Home Town: Plant City, FL

Make sure to stay on top of your classes and don't be afraid to ask for help!  Everyone on campus, students and staff alike, are so excited to welcome you and will help you however they can!  Make the best of this experience and have fun!

anika francisco

Anika Francisco

Major: Elementary Education

Home Town: Denville, NJ

Keep an open mind and get involved!  You never know where it will take you.

linlee franklin

Linlee Franklin

Major: Chemistry

Home Town: Tallahassee , FL

Just take a deep breath and relax; everything will all work out.

morgan giberti

Morgan Giberti

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Gainesville, FL

Stay true to yourself!  Get involved in things that remind you of your genuine self and that spark joy in your life, because FSC is your new home!!

emily giddens

Emily Giddens

Major: Business Administration, Political Science

Home Town: Lakeland, FL

Don't sweat the small stuff!  College is a 4 year experience and what seems like a big deal one day will be something to laugh about down the road.  Just remember to keep a positive attitude and everything will work itself out. :)

angel godwin

Angel Godwin

Major: Dance Performance and Choreography

Home Town: North Port, FL

Stay present in the moment.  College goes by too fast!

mary gravius

Mary Gravius

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Tallahassee, FL

Don’t be afraid to post on social media and start group chats to get to know others in the FSC Class of ’24!  FSC is a friendly, welcoming campus so don’t be afraid to talk to other students or professors.

ben greenman

Ben Greenman

Major: Business Administration, Political Science

Home Town: Lake Wales, FL

When you get onto campus don't be afraid to interact with new people.  Everyone is going through the same awkwardness, so the stranger you say "hi" to might become your best friend.

matt gundersen

Matt Gundersen

Major: Economics and Finance, Psychology

Home Town: Southington, CT

Be sure to attend as much as possible.  There is so much to do here.

madissan ham

Madissan Ham

Major: Healthcare Administration

Home Town: Estero, FL

Remember to take time to relax and process everything that happens.  It is okay to say no to activities.

andy harjula

Andrew Harjula

Major: Sport Business Management

Home Town: Gorham, ME

Introduce yourself and say hi to everyone when you first get to school.  Everyone is nervous when they first get to college and only want to make friends.  People are way friendlier than you'd think and you never know when you could meet your best friend.

katie hoffman

Katie Hoffman

Major: Secondary Education: Math

Home Town: Willowbrook , IL

Get involved and go to campus events!  ACE events, fine arts shows, and Discover Florida trips are all so fun!

brayden lacefield

Brayden Lacefield

Major: Political Science

Home Town: Greenville, KY

Settle for more.  If the worst that can happen to you is being told no - then what do you have to lose?  Take big risks and make your own opportunities - you DESERVE to be here!

bella lamb

Bella Lamb

Major: Musical Theatre, Communication: Multimedia Journalism

Home Town: Longwood, FL

Find your home on campus!  Florida Southern College gives you endless opportunities for involvement and you will meet incredible people along the way.  Find the club or organization with a purpose and community that you are passionate about and start planting yourself so you can bloom together.

alyssa lenkel

Alyssa Lenkel

Major: Marine Biology

Home Town: River Edge, NJ

Sign up for things that peak your interest!  I was so worried about spreading myself too thin, but after I signed up for clubs, I realized what fit into my schedule, and found the things I prioritized are where I found my true passions and friends!

hannah luciano

Hannah Luciano

Major: Accounting, Business Administration

Home Town: Sebring, FL

Try something new!  College is full of opportunities to get involved and work towards something bigger while having fun and making friends.

reese matonis

Reese Matonis

Major: Business Administration, Political Science

Home Town: Windermere, FL

Be optimistic!!  You really do get out of college what you put into it, so make an effort to try new things and talk to new people - a month from now you'll be wondering how you ever managed to survive without your newfound friends! :)

zeng michalczyk

Zeng Michalczyk

Major: Biotechnology, Citrus and Horticulture

Home Town: Orange Park, FL

Don't be afraid to make new friends!  A "hello" and a smile can go a long way!

ariel molinaro

Ariel Molinaro

Major: Multimedia Journalism, Sports Communications and Marketing

Home Town: Fort Myers, FL

A fellow student once told me, "Make time in your schedule to do one thing each week that you WANT to do."  In the midst of a late night sessions at TuTus, the highlight of that activity will help you push through that assignment or research paper.

lauren morhard

Lauren Morhard

Major: Healthcare Administration, Business Administration

Home Town: Plant City, FL

Meet as many people and make as many friends as possible!  Engaging in campus life here at FSC is what will make your college experience.

allison naglieri

Allison Naglieri

Major: Elementary Education, Theatre Arts

Home Town: Baltimore, MD

Be open to new experiences!  There are so many opportunities here at FSC, take advantage of as much as you can!  It will help tremendously with the transition and making new friends!

shawn o'brien

Shawn O'Brien

Major: Biology

Home Town: Port Orange, FL

It can be scary being away from home, but if you immerse yourself in everything Florida Southern has to offer, FSC will soon feel like home.  There is so much to experience here, there's something for everyone!  I can honestly say Florida Southern is my home.

celeste rosendale

Celeste Rosendale

Major: Computer Science: Web & Cloud Computing

Home Town: Copperas Cove, TX

Be open minded!  I know arriving to college can seem daunting at first, but this is your time to find yourself and figure out who you truly want to be.  There are amazing opportunities around every corner.

rachel sanelli

Rachel Sanelli

Major: Business Administration, Political Science

Home Town: Lake Worth , FL

The school year is full of events ranging from all different organizations.  Don't be afraid to get involved.  You could meet some new people, have lots of fun and maybe even get free food and a t-shirt.

kaitlyn scirica

Kaitlyn Scirica

Major: Accounting

Home Town: Bradenton, FL

Be open to new friends and new ideas!  Make sure to have fun and make the most of your time but don't forget your studies!

dante sheerin

Dante Sheerin

Major: Criminology, Psychology

Home Town: Attleboro, MA

Stay open minded.  Try to join as many clubs and go to as many student activities as possible.

abby smith

Abby Smith

Major: Marine Biology

Home Town: Brevard, NC

Have faith in your professors and above all, believe in your own success.

nolan smith

Nolan Smith

Major: Self-Designed Major: Software Administrator

Home Town: Arvada, CO

The quicker you get involved on campus, the further you'll go!  Not only does it make meeting people much easier, but you also get to be in the know for all kinds of cool events happening on campus.

giselle soto

Giselle Soto

Major: Biology

Home Town: Fort Myers, FL

Believe in yourself!  Transitioning to a new environment may be hard, but there are people here to help you get through it.  Don't be afraid to set boundaries for your schoolwork and social life, as there will always be time for everything.

cat stogner

Cat Stogner

Major: Political Science, History

Home Town: Atlanta, GA

Remember to use all the resources around you!  FSC has so much to offer if you just look and utilize it.  Don't be afraid to ask for help! :)

sarah stuck

Sarah Stuck

Major: Healthcare Administration, Business Administration

Home Town: Naples, FL

Get involved!  It'll allow you to get familiar with the campus and meet new friends!  Make the most of your college experience!!

christopher valentino

Christopher Valentino

Major: Film

Home Town: Hilton Head Island, SC

Don't be afraid to be yourself.  Florida Southern is a community where you will always be prided on being yourself.

devon vanderwende

Devon Vanderwende

Major: Marine Biology

Home Town: Levittown, PA

Make good friends with your roommate(s).  You always want to come home to a friendly face, not a sour one.

gracie westerfield

Gracie Westerfield

Major: Business Administration, Political Science

Home Town: Ocoee, FL

Involvement is the easiest way to feel like college is home.  It's the relationships that I've built that made me confident in selecting Florida Southern.

andrew whisenant

Andrew Whisenant

Major: Sport Business Management, Business Administration

Home Town: Oviedo, FL

Join and participate in everything that you enjoy.  Also make sure to manage your time well and show up to class.

kayla whisenant

Kayla Whisenant

Major: Exercise Science

Home Town: Oviedo, FL

Get involved in campus activities and events.  Be ready to meet new people and make college memories!

jack wilkens

Jack Wilkens

Major: Psychology

Home Town: Sayville, NY

Don't be afraid to jump in and try and make some friends!  There are plenty of ways to get involved across campus, and everyone is super welcoming and friendly.  The best advice I could give is to find ways to get involved and really be a part of the fun and engaging FSC community.

lindsey wilson

Lindsey Wilson

Major: Computer Science: Web & Cloud Computing

Home Town: Chandler , AZ

Get involved!  If you are able to really branch out in the first few weeks, it makes it very easy to make FSC feel like home.

anna lyons

Anna Lyons

Major: Chemistry

Home Town: Indianapolis, IN

Study hard, take breaks, and remember that your mental health is just as important as your grades.

brianna reynolds

Brianna Reynolds

Major: Exercise Science

Home Town: Milford, DE

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new

Kileigh Rice

Major: Nursing

Home Town: Ashland City, TN

Try and make friends from the get go! It will make college so much more fun! Stay caught up on your classes, the worst is to fall behind. Don't say no to something till you give it a chance, you might really surprise yourself! Try to learn about all the organizations on campus and join the ones that interest YOU the most! Most importantly, BE YOU! If you are being yourself, and joining organizations that align with who you are, you will find the perfect people to do life with in college that have similar values and beliefs as you do!

Bella Suarez

Major: Political Science

Home Town: Lakeland, FL

Be friendly! Get to know everyone you meet. Make the most out of an awkward situation, everyone’s in the same boat as you! 

Olivia Fulton

Major: Psychology

Home Town: Fort Myers, FL

Make sure to get a planner to organize your time! College can be super busy, so it is important to not only write down your classes and when to study, but also to plan time to check out different clubs and schedule time for friends!

tierra porter

Tierra Porter

Major: Psychology and Criminology

Home Town: Huntsville, AL

Always put everything in your planner and if you do not have one, purchase one immediately whether it’s virtual or a physical one.

amanda deck

Amanda Deck

Major: Economics and Finance

Home Town: Lithia, FL

Try to get involved in a lot of different things!  It’s good to stop out of your comfort zone and try new things.  Don’t be afraid to walk up to someone and ask for help or to just talk.  Be yourself and find friends that make you feel comfortable and at home!