Meet Lucas Blackwell '21

Day in the Life

Sep 15, 2021

by FSC Staff

This Florida-native who hopes to parlay his criminology and film background into a career in entertainment law had a unique college-search process; he applied to 30 colleges both big and small, up and down the east coast. Not really knowing what he wanted, he came to FSC for a tour. "I absolutely fell in love with campus," he says.

Lucas Blackwell


When his Southern Ambassador, who was also a double-major, showed him how he could pursue all his diverging interests, Lucas knew he had found his college home. "My ambassador played a big part in choosing FSC. Not only was she a double-major, but she was also very involved on campus, serving as president of several organizations. Plus, she was super nice. I knew I wanted to emulate her; instantly, I knew what I wanted for my college career."

“The incredible thing is that you are encouraged to achieve more than just good grades. You are supported to become a well-round person who's not afraid to pursue their passions — whatever they may be!”


"The fantastic thing about FSC is that you can get involved right away, and in multiple organizations! When I got to campus, I knew I wanted to participate in Catholic Campus Ministries, so I made it a point to attend Blast Off, our annual campus organization fair. (Be sure to check it out when you get to campus!) There, I connected with the organization, and in a few months, I was serving on the executive board. As a sophomore, I got involved in theatre. At FSC, anyone can audition! I also serve as president of the Association of Campus Entertainment (ACE) and director of the Southern Ambassador Leadership program. Getting involved is a way to explore your passions and allows you to use your talents to create the best experience for both current students and the students that will come after you."


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Day in the Life

Meet Lucas Blackwell '21

This Florida-native applied to 30 colleges both big and small, up and down the east coa...