Nursing Students Channeling their Inner Scientists Present Research at Florida Southern College

Dec 14, 2022

by FSC Staff

Sixty-seven different Florida Southern College nursing students presented a semester’s worth of scientific investigation at Research Day, held Nov. 29, 2022, at the newly opened Ann Blanton Edwards School of Nursing and Health Sciences. The students represented three different levels of study, including 53 undergraduate BSN students, 11 graduate MSN students, and three doctoral DNP students.

Danielle Abukhalaf

The event was designed to highlight research done by nursing students in Florida Southern’s rigorous pedagogical approach. At the undergraduate level, FSC offers a unique four-year direct-entry program, where students work hand in hand with professional health care staff members to develop skills in a contextual learning environment, while also fostering critical thinking and improved clinical judgment.

The keynote speaker for the event was Ms. Danielle Abukhalaf, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, CCRN, an Advanced Nursing Professional and Lead for Nursing Research & EBP at BayCare Health System.

“I see our nurses as scientists,” said Abukhalaf, who stressed that nurses can help more people through research, by driving intelligent conversation. “I am so inspired. Continue to ask questions.”

Topics ranged from administrative, wound care, diabetes, pregnancy, and elder care.

“Each student chose their own topic,” said Dr. Tracy Magee, Ph.D., RN, CPNP, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing and Education Coordinator. “The students need to be passionate about their projects, as they consume the literature and draw conclusions. Best practices,” she continued, “equals the best care.”

Sydney O'Neill Research

Senior Sydney O’Neill ’23, from Milford, Conn., presented her research, “Utilization of Spontaneous Awakening and Breathing Trials for Improved Outcomes in Intensive Care.” With a high rate of patients in the ICU needing ventilators, she examined the relationship with spontaneous wakening and breathing trials as a means to remove patients from ventilators sooner and more safely. The goal is, “streamline the process, and go away from emotion.”

O’Neill chose Florida Southern College because of the direct-entry program, where she could, “Go right into nursing.” A member of the nationally ranked women’s lacrosse program, she needed a program that was flexible and would allow for her demanding schedule. Following graduation, she hopes to become a nurse anesthetist.

The three Doctor of Nursing Practice presenters were Lisa Cannella, Tawana Cooper, and Kimberly Grant.

Matthew Alibozek Research

The 11 Master of Science in Nursing presenters were Emily Boswell, Geralyn Clements, Jordan Eaves, Kasey Eichenberger, Brittany Greve, Diana Hauman, Lakeisha Lind Hunter, Kara LeMond, Gavrielle Lisbon, Irene Malone and Jennifer Potts.

The 53 Bachelor of Science in Nursing presenters were Gabrielle Abramek, Matthew Alibozek, Charlotte Bender, Lauren Bondy, Nyah Bonhomme, Linzy Bozeman, Jahlia Brown, Calen Callow, Anna Camadeca, Mollie Canfield, Leila Chirayath, Aliya Cognetti, Carmen Curnell, Courtney Currier, Sophia Dattilo, Perry Davis, Palermo Drury, Sydney Eshleman, Madison Fields, Morgan Giberti, Madelyn Grim, Kyle Herbers, Anna Hinkle, Autumn Hutter, Maura Imbriale, Hannah Kasten, Leanna Kelly, Madison Kennedy, Emily Koehn, Ava Kunert, Taryn Maloy, Nadine Maynard, Megan McGayhey, Elizabeth Meardon, Riley Minning, Kellie Myers, Samantha O'Neill, Sydney O'Neill, Kelsey Peck, Marina Qureshi, Estefani Santos, Brianna Savage, Kathleen Stirling, Rachel Sturtevant, Georgia Sweeney, Devyn Taylor, Brianne Thomas, Emmanuel Vacarez, Madison Williams, Claire Winters, Zoey Zappie, Sarah Zayas, and Gabrielle Zweidinger.

Kellie Myers Research