Manghisi Makes Full Use of Time Management

Dec 27, 2022

by FSC Staff

Olivia Manghisi ’23 likes to stay busy, even in the summer when most students are relaxing.

Manghisi with Enterprise Internship Team
Manghisi with the Enterprise Internship Team

Manghisi, who is a member of the FSC women’s lacrosse team, took on quite a workload as she played in a summer women’s lacrosse league, worked part time as a waitress, and excelled as a full-time Management Intern for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Manghisi even won money while working at Enterprise doing customer service and sales.

“There was a lot of competition for sales,” Manghisi said. “Trying to be No. 1 each day was really motivating. On the marketing side, there was an intern competition. We had to do a presentation and mine was on marketing to a corporate account. I ended up winning $500 from that. It was really good experience. I was able to step out of my comfort zone. I learned many valuable skills in customer service, marketing, and sales.”

Dr. Yovan Reyes, the senior associate director at the Florida Southern College Office of Career Services, is one of many professors credited with helping Manghisi with her internship.

Manghisi said that Reyes pushed her to do “Moc” Interview Days interviews and ultimately was the one that helped her secure her position with Enterprise near her family’s home in St. Johns, Florida.

“The professional development class that he taught was really beneficial for improvements on my resume, cover letter and goals going forward,” Manghisi said. “Every professor I have had in the business department has played a major role in pushing me as a student and preparing me for the future.”

Reyes said The “Moc” Interview Days are an annual event where this past year 50 companies came in and did 120 interviews for potential interns to showcase themselves.

According to Reyes, Manghisi “nailed” her interview with Enterprise.

“She’s a phenomenal individual and great in the classroom,” Reyes said. “She’s always asking questions and looking for information. It’s no surprise she was able to secure that. We provide opportunities for our students and she took one and ran with it. She’s a great student. I was very happy she was able to secure that and move forward.”

Manghisi Lacrosse
Manghisi takes the field as a member of the FSC women's lacrosse team

As a full-time student-athlete Manghisi’s schedule is already packed with practices, workouts, classes, and study sessions. During the season, it is even busier with games and travel adding to the load for the nationally ranked Mocs lacrosse program.

All of that has not stopped Manghisi, a Business Administration major expecting to graduate in the spring of 2023, from adding more to her plate.

Manghisi manages the workload with a simple, yet tough mantra.

“My biggest takeaway was learning to say no to things at times,” Manghisi said. “I like to take on a lot, but you have to make sure you’re able to balance work and life.”

To that end, Manghisi does have one rule: She takes Sundays off. On Sundays she spends time with friends and family, goes for a walk or catches up on any homework she might have remaining.

Having one day off to herself was especially important this past summer when her workload was just as full as any semester she’s had at Florida Southern.

Manghisi has also taken on a role in the Sports Information Office at Florida Southern, working fall sports games to make extra money for groceries during the week.

“Our office depends on the use of students and student-athletes,” said Brad Bee, Florida Southern College’s Assistant Director of Athletic Communications. “That can be very tricky at times, and we rely heavily on the “recruitment” of teammates and friends to our staff as well from those that already work for us. Liv always goes above and beyond to help us in any role she’s assigned, without hesitation, and excels. Being a student-athlete, she has to juggle classes, practice, games, working for us, and it’s quite the effort she puts forth. She’s an All-Star when it comes to balancing everything she has as a student-athlete at Florida Southern.”