FSC Student Showcases Designs in Popular Video Game

Jan 5, 2023

by FSC Staff

Kris Fabec ’23 grew up playing video games.

Now his artwork is in a popular first-person shooter as a downloadable skin that fans around the world have already started using.

Fabec, from Sarasota, is a senior Interactive and Game Design major who originally came to Florida Southern for a degree in Chemistry. Fabec instead saw his creative juices bubble up into game design in his sophomore year. 

That led to Fabec getting a shot to design for entertainment giant Ubisoft for their online video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege®, which debuted in 2015.

 “I’ve been doing digital art for over five years,” Fabec said. “I’ve been doing art for Rainbow Six Siege for three years now. I really enjoy video games and enjoy doing content creation for them.”

Honing His Craft

Florida Southern has played a big part in Fabec’s success. 

Under the guidance of mentors like Dr. William Allen, who teaches Interactive Game Design and is an Associate Professor of Digital Media at Florida Southern, Fabec has broadened his educational experience.

“The program has taught me a lot about the game design pipeline,” Fabec said. “It was really insightful learning about it as I was actively participating in it. Dr. Allen was really supportive of me, and this opportunity helped prepare me to present at my junior critique. I’ve learned a lot through my major here at the college, and I want to continue to work in game design after I finish my degree in May. I’m looking forward to seeing the opportunities available in the future.”

In The Game

Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter that pits teams of five against each other across multiple maps. Each operator has his or her own unique style of play which adds variety to any assembled team.

It was Fabec’s love of one of Rainbow Six Siege’s 66 playable operators that landed him an incredible opportunity.

Fabec, who goes by Retrodisaster online, uses the Rainbow Six Siege operator Ace as his main character when he plays the game online against friends and other gamers. When Fabec started not only drawing digital art of Ace, and also cosplaying as the character at conventions, the company that makes the game, Ubisoft, took notice and invited him to make a custom skin for his favorite character. 

“My sister introduced me to Siege in the fall of 2019, and I started making and posting artwork in January of 2020,” Fabec said. “After I started posting my art online, I was able to find the Siege content creator community.”

According to SteamCharts.com, nearly 40,000 people a day played Rainbow Six Siege online using their computer. The game is also available on Playstation and Xbox consoles for online play. 

Rainbow Six Siege is supported by Ubisoft with new seasons of content and improvement to protect against cheating. The game is also on the esports circuit with some of the most talented esports athletes in the gaming community competing for cash and prizes all over the world.

Thomas Range
Kris dressed as Rainbow Six Siege operator Ace.

Kawaii Style

So why does Fabec use Ace?

“His personality makes it really easy to make so many silly comics of him interacting with other characters,” he said. “I’ve also made a cosplay of him that I get to showcase online and at conventions.”

Fabec also has branched out to making the operators of Rainbow Six Siege into cat characters, which has been extremely popular.

The style Fabec uses is a more saturated pastel drawing from the kawaii art style, which is similar to Sanrio art. 

Kawaii style is the culture of cuteness in Japan, with art drawings that are generally identified as simple black-line characters with minimal features, rounded edges and youthful appearances (think Hello Kitty). They often illicit warm, happy, and calm thoughts. 

While there is no way to know for certain how many times Fabec’s Rainbow Six Siege skin has been downloaded, he said he has received numerous screen shots and posts on his social media pages of people using it and praising his work.

“This is something I have been working on under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) since April, and finally everyone knows about it now,” Fabec said. “People online were tagging me in clips of them getting first place with the victory animation in the ace bundle, and it was awesome.”

Building off his growing popularity in the Rainbow Six Siege art community, Fabec has also been commissioned to do art for Siege esports casters, content creators, and many others. 

“To have your artwork selected and modeled by one of the largest game studios in the world is a big deal,” Dr. Allen said. “Kris (Retrodisaster) will make a global impact with his in-game bundled skin for the Rainbow Six Siege operator Ace. Rainbow Six Siege has approximately 640k daily players (across all platforms) that have access to his bundle.”

To see more of his artwork, be sure to follow Kris on Twitter and Instagram.